From Now to the End of March

The center of January is proving to be an active mingling of energies. Using my local time zone (CST), this is how it sizes up:

Wednesday - January 16, 2013
Wednesday – January 16, 2013

Jupiter square Chiron exact @ 12:07 am Tuesday morning
Venus conjunct Pluto exact @ 7:28 pm this evening
Moon conjunct Uranus exact @ 7:40 pm this evening
Venus sextile Saturn exact @ 10:02 am Thursday morning
Mercury conjunct Sun exact @ 2:55 am Friday morning

The hard aspect between Jupiter and Chiron is past. The next four are soft and blending. By dinnertime tonight, all of the above will be within 60 arc minutes of exact.

Saturday morning @ 1:24 am, Mercury enters Aquarius followed by the Sun @ 3:51 that afternoon.

What this tells me is that a bubble of energy initiated (created?) by the Jupiter-Chiron square is shifted away from (expelled?) by Mercury and Sun ingressing Aquarius. The center point, in my mind, is the combination of conjunctions this evening. Notice that the Moon and Venus touch and blend with the two sides of the ongoing Pluto-Uranus square.

While all of this is intriguing, it is not specifically defining. Conjunctions can be a bit hard to read, especially like these. When two very distinct energies are blended, the result can be quite a departure from either. It’s like mixing red and green paint to get brown. In fact, I’m sitting here tuning into all of this, and can’t seem to come up with much of anything. So what I’m going to do is see if I can pull it apart to get a better read.

Let’s start with the Jupiter-Chiron square. Jupiter is in Gemini – a sign that deals primarily with information. For me specifically, I have come into a wave of information about healing. At the moment, I am mostly reading about dynamics that block healing. Well this fits because not only is Jupiter square to Chiron, it is also retrograde. So the onslaught of information is first leading me (us) backward – in time, and in process. By understanding how blocks are created, we can more effectively learn from them and then shift away from them

The next time Jupiter squares Chiron will be on March 27th. Jupiter will be prograde (moving forward) and will have also moved back into a Yod with Pluto and Saturn. [Think back to 12/21/12 and/or (re)read As Above So Below.] At that time, four planets will be at 11 degrees of a sign, and Saturn will only be ½ degree off of that. So, in my mind, what I (we) study now, ought to propel us forward then. In fact, think of it like a slingshot. The further back you pull, the harder it is to pull further, but the more energy is stored in the system.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but the March 27th chart is very active! It reminds me of the Chariot tarot card or white water rapids. Since the energy will flow so actively then, it’ll be hard to control. Best to set our intentions now.

Here’s another image: It is like we’re hiking to the top of a mountain right now. We are moving slowly upward. We are high enough that the view doesn’t seem to change much as we ascend. And, as we climb, we are picking up marbles we find along the way.

Once we reach the top (soon?), we will release the marbles we collected. Since the mountain fans out in all directions, it is important to release them with precision. We cannot control their trip down the mountain, but we can ensure that they end up east or west by choosing which side of the slope we’re on when we set them free.

So, I think this is what I was looking for. Today’s chart/energy signature, in and of itself, is not that significant, until we find the other end of it. The end of March is the other end of it.

Take a look:

Jupiter square Chiron now – Jupiter square Chiron then

Venus conjunct Pluto now – Venus square Pluto then
Venus sextile Saturn now – Venus quincunx Saturn then
Venus square Uranus now – Venus conjunct Uranus then
Venus square Moon now – Venus opposite Moon then
Mercury conjunct Sun now – Mercury conjunct Chiron then
Sun conjunct Mercury now – Sun conjunct Venus then
Uranus conjunct Moon now – Uranus conjunct Sun then

On March 28, 2013, we will have a near exact triple conjunction in Aries including Sun, Venus, and Uranus, with Mars only 4 degrees from them.

By my observation, time is flowing glacially. (Maybe it’s just the sub-freezing temps.) Much is happening, is flowing, but it feels slow and methodical. (Capricorny?) However, by the end of March, I suspect that time and events will be rushing like a torrent. (Very Arean!)

The end of March not only connects back to right now (via the Jupiter-Chiron square), it connects back to 12/21/12 (via the Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn Yod). Maybe seemingly nothing happened on 12/21/12 because that was just the beginning of a process that will not fully reveal itself until around the Spring Equinox? Hmm, something to ponder a bit further…

In any event, plodding forward, going with the flow, and storing up energy all seem to be pertinent right now. Enjoy the slow while it’s happening…


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