Capricorn New Moon over NYC

This following is an experiment.

In a number of hours, the New Moon in Capricorn will peak and the next lunar month will have begun. I used this chart to cast horoscopes for the previous post. What I am going to do now is look at the new moon chart for a specific location – namely New York City. The exact moment of the new moon sets the time: 1/11/13 at 2:45 pm EST. By selecting NYC, the stellar configuration is splayed into a specific housing system. This is what it looks like:

Capricorn New Moon over NYC - 1/11/2013
Capricorn New Moon over NYC – 1/11/2013

I saw this chart days ago, and it has been on my mind ever since. What immediately stands out for me is that Neptune is precisely on the MC (the boundary between the 9th house and the 10th house). It is just inside the 9th house by 20 arc minutes. That places Chiron in the 10th house, just 5 degrees in.

When I saw this, the first thought that popped into my head was more water related challenges for New York. Notice that Chiron squares Jupiter, which sits in NY’s karma house. Something unseen has a large influence on the situation. This then had me thinking that maybe its not new water issues, but new awareness of issues that were created (or revealed) by Sandy. Jupiter is in Gemini, so maybe it’s a flooding in of information.

Neptune, being just inside the 9th house, has something to teach NY. Mars in Aquarius (the water bearer) is also in the 9th house. I suspect that NY will have to use trial and error in its approach to whatever Neptune is revealing.

Now let’s look at some of what’s floating around the news.

This weekend, we’re within what is referred to as king tides. Tides, in general, are influenced by the gravity of the moon (primarily) and the sun. At new and full moon, the tides are larger because the gravity of the sun and moon combine. At perigee, when the moon and earth are closest, the tides are higher. And at perihelion, when the earth and sun are closest, the sun’s gravity is strongest. Well, today, we have all of these happening at the same time.

  • Perihelion occurs once a year – this year on 1/2/2013. That’s only 9 days ago.
  • Perigee, which occurs once a month, happened yesterday – 1/10/2013.
  • And, of course, the new moon is this afternoon.

Whoa Nelly! If you’re feeling a bit heavy today, it might not be that extra holiday weight. It just might be the sun and the moon pulling on you maximally! [Keep telling that to your tight fitting belt – ha ha.]

So king tides are occurring right now, and that means some coastal flooding is expected during high tide. We’ll have to watch and see if this turns out worse than expected.

Another bit of news that caught my eye this week concerned the ferry accident in NYC. Chiron in the 10th house can be interpreted as visible (or exposed) need for healing. Remember, it is square to Jupiter. Jupiter thus expands this (karmically), but not in a helpful way. Well, it was pretty clear that people needed care after that accident. And it was clear that the city of NY needed care after Sandy. And both of these are water related. Hmm.

In the NYC chart, Uranus is just inside of the 11th house. It is also sextile Jupiter. I see this as people helping each other out. With Sandy, it was clear that the established authorities (Pluto in the 7th house) were overwhelmed. Thus, individuals helping each other is what was most effective in certain situations.

Maybe there is a bigger lesson here for us regarding the path ahead. Our government is clearly stressed right now. Its effectiveness is in question. But our communities do have the ability to care for themselves if people are not afraid to help each other when needed. We have moved away from that a bit too much, don’t you think?

When I wrote the Aries horoscope a few days ago, I saw Venus in the 10th house as female authority figures. Truth be told, I’m not sure where that came from. In this chart, Venus is in the 7th house as she approaches Pluto. She’s a day away from squaring Uranus. I still feel like there’s something in this, but I can’t get a clear read. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe what’s most needed are solutions from the female perspective, rather than what we normally get.

The sun-moon conjunction lands in the 8th house for NYC (and the east coast in general). This again has me thinking about people helping each other out. When you live in a city like NY, you are subject to everyone’s stuff. Your apartment is subject to the noise of the people around you. You walk down the street and are subject to other people’s bodies. Your air is full of smells from other people’s emissions.

Communities like NYC function well when individuals harmonize with each other. Many like to think it is authority that makes this work: government, police, religion (morality). In my opinion, authority is not as much of an influence as we think. And I’ve mentioned a number of times, I believe we’re shifting from a plutonian, hierarchically structured society, to something more organic.

We cannot be certain what’s ahead in the next 29 days for NYC (or the rest of us), but I just had to share my thoughts on this chart because it struck me the way that it did. With Gemini on the Ascendant, this could all be merely a thought experiment – something to think about, but not play out in the physical world. But then again, Sandy could simply have been the first storm to reveal structural issues that need to be dealt with, not just for the next storm, but for the overall health of the urban system.


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