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New Moon Horoscope

The first New Moon of the year occurs on Friday, 1/11/2013. It is a beginning of a cycle. As such, I have worked the following horoscope around it and looking forward.

Recently, We’ve had a lot of beginnings. 12/21 was a beginning. 1/1 was a beginning. And Venus entering Capricorn was a beginning. Another aspect of 1 is identity. If I had to chose a general theme for this horoscope, it would be beginnings and identities.

As with any horoscope, read your natal sun sign first. If you know your rising sign, read that next. You might also want to read the sign that follows both of those. And if you’re older, you might want to read two signs forward of your natal sun.

Take what resonates and enjoy the rest as fiction.


The Uranus-Pluto square is a long lasting aspect. Aries is a sign that at its core wants to learn and experience and express self. Internally and initially, it asks, “Who am I?” As it begins to answer its own question, it then tells the world, “I am this!” Words, not being enough, it then sets out to show the world what it is.

Uranus moving through Aries takes this individual journey to the collective level. In the Aries chart, Pluto in Capricorn represents The Establishment, whatever it may be. So the Uranus-Pluto square in the Aries chart is every individual collectively moving against the perceived powers-that-be (small and big letters).

Well this month, Venus moves into a square with Uranus and I see this in two ways. Aries, being strongly influenced by Mars, likes to fight. And thus, a male figure of authority represents a formidable foe. But what will they do when the opponent is female? Some fighters just can’t fight a woman the way he would fight another male. So for Aries, female authority figures might shine prominently in your life at this time. You may find yourself, at first, unable to state your identity in response, and then struggle to express that identity. Mars in your 11th house will likely have you acting out in front of your peers rather than fighting the female authority directly. That’s like the young male that mouths off at a female figurehead in front of his pals, but then cowers to her one-on-one.

Another manifestation of this square is that Venus will quell Pluto. In merging with Pluto, she’ll make authority less of a threat, giving you time to express your self more and better.

All of this is simply to continue one’s journey of self identity and expression. We learn power from those that have power over us until we have learned enough to demonstrate our own power and in so doing become examples to others.

Keep in mind that acting out has karmic consequences that will have to be addressed at some point. There is always a fine line between expressing one’s power within oneself, and expressing it as power over others.


Taurus tends to play in the physical world more than anyone. They like physical things; physical things make them happy. Materialism is a part of this realm after all. At this time, Taurus is learning a lot about the value of physical things, and much of this entails learning about money. Often, when we pay too much for something, we feel cheated. It hurts our egos. In the same way, if we are paid too little for our efforts, we again experience egoic hurt.

Aries tends to place more emphasis on identifying itself through its actions. If they do good in their own view, all is well. Taurus acts primarily for an end. They therefore tends to measure success by what is gained, by the end result.

At some point, everyone can come to realize that the wage they make is not a true indicator of who they are or what their true value is. Some learn this by not earning enough money. Others learn this by making very high salaries. The world may value us one way or the other, but what is our self value? Only we can answer that for ourselves.

To use an archetypal image, at the end of our life, when we are stripped of all of our possessions, including our body, what’s left? Who are we and what is our value then? These are all questions for Taurus to ponder at this time.

Final note: while you’re working out your self value by looking at those things you’ve attained and those you have yet to obtain, ask yourself what you can do for others around you; after all, there is value in that too.


When a Gemini asks itself, “Who am I?” there is always more than one answer. There is the answer to, “Who am I among my friends?” and then “Who am I at work?” And, of course, there is always, “Who am I when no one can see me?”

A number of the long-term aspects in the Gemini chart point to some deep soul searching, well beyond their typical attention span. I suspect that much of this is inspired by external influences. A Gemini, left to his own devices, will entertain himself in myriad ways, but when the outside world impinges on his space continually and in a big way, what then? The classic Gemini approach to high pressure is simply to float on over to low pressure. Unfortunately, low pressure is hard to find in the Gemini chart. Being alone doesn’t relieve the pressure and being out in the world just makes it worse.

Clues for Gemini are power and service. Combining those means not serving others they way the world wants, but serving others they way you want. Learning this will take more trial and error, I suspect.


Show of hands, how many of you Cancer types are in a relationship? Does it feel like it’s all about the other(s) right now? Cancers are care takers. They gain pleasure from nurturing others. They like creating a home that is inviting, a comfortable place for their loved ones to just hang out. But lately, the pleasure is probably lacking. What you once did for yourself and others at the same time is terribly out of balance. There is more a feeling of obligation than pleasure. You are cooking, and cleaning, and tending, and caring for all of your loved ones and not getting enough back to fulfill yourself. It’s all just a bit too much, wouldn’t you say? Has it all gone terribly wrong?


Cancer is water, but it is also Cardinal. You have simply forgotten for a while that you created the situation that you’ve gotten yourself into. All you need to do now is create anew to whatever degree that you desire. Yeah, it may not be as easy as that, but you have to start with the desire for things to be different. Then, operating within your own beliefs, paint a new image – but don’t forget to put yourself in the painting this time. Yes, care for as many beings as you like, but care for yourself. If some me-time is needed, plan for it, and don’t give it away too easily. Yes, your husband (or wife) and your kids are demanding. You have spoiled them for long enough. Let them make their own sandwich; you have better things to do at the moment.

You just might be surprised at how effective little things like that can be.


The planetary scales are not tilting in Leo’s favor right now – at least not in a way that Leos like. Leo wants to be ahead, center of the attention, and king of his own castle (if not all of them). Yet right now, it’s as if your bright shining light is eclipsed by the world. Everyone wants from you (rather than giving to you like you prefer). You even find yourself doing for your partner more than you normally do.

What is this world coming to?

No worries. The sun is still the brightest object in the sky and you are a close second. No, you have not lost your touch; this is simply a time of year to get some work done. If you are praised without exhibiting any effort what so ever, the attention will eventually stop pleasing you so much. So do your part and take joy in it! Don’t work because others are demanding that of you; work simply because it feels good to accomplish things this way.

The sunlight has healing aspects, and so does your aura. If you’re not getting as much attention as you desire, simply shine a bit brighter. You’ll regain the spotlight and be an example to others at the same time. Now that’s not so hard, is it? If you do it right, it’s not even work!


Oh, looking at the Virgo chart is simply delightful. It must be a very good time to be Virgo. You ought to be feeling abundantly creative, energetic, and rearing to go. You feel powerful within this, and likely have support from your closest buds.

Well, there could be just a little bit holding you back. Maybe your partner needs something. (Or maybe they feel a little threatened because you’re so in your power right now that they feel insecure?) Or maybe it’s your friends that are calling on you for support when you’d rather focus on all of your creative projects (at work or otherwise).

No worries, you have energy enough for it all. If something slows you down, just take care of business and then get back to your plan.


Have you noticed lately that you’ve been by yourself a bit more than normal? Your social houses are empty right now, and the ones that are full are forcing you to operate a little differently than you like. Your preferred way to work is in a group, where it’s fun and social. You like being surrounded by peers and passers-by alike. But these days, the universe is pushing you inward.

I question how many of you will have significant changes in the work place this year. It feels like now is that gestational period before big changes where you’re thinking, and planning, and wanting, and not really collectively collaborating. If this is you, good, that’s just what you should be doing. If not, maybe you should.

The spring is a better time to return to the group dynamic. For now, allow this alone time and future pondering to run its course. It’ll pay off, just down the road a bit.


The overall impression I get in looking at the Scorpio chart is rebuilding. We’ve been through a lot of Scorpio energy of late, and it’s not fully over. I’m sure those of you resonant with this sign have been through a lot as well.

Saturn will continue to occupy your first house for a while and that ought to help you build up a new identity. I suspect you have already been reborn (baptized with fire as they say), so now it’s just getting use to what this new you is all about.

And sometimes, the best way to learn about yourself is to observe others observing you – most specifically the people you are close with, but not necessarily your partner. Your partner’s view of you is likely biased, so while it can be great, it is not what you’re needing. You want a more parallel view of yourself, yet still from the outside.

It’s not your style to come out and ask what your colleagues think about you, but they’ll tell you regardless. All you need to do is pay attention and then you’ll gain from their perspective. But again, don’t take their view as gospel, just factor it in. When they comment on how you’ve changed in this way or that, just notice what you notice.

You’re still becoming; you’re still growing; you’re still healing; and your life is still changing, just bit-by-bit, the way you prefer it to.


There is something about Sagittarius that has it favored by Universe. They just seem to be luckier and happier than most. Life seems to be more fun for them. And even their horoscope houses line up well.

For example, in the Sagittarius chart, Capricorn occupies the Money house. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have Capricorn there than anything else. The Cardinal Earth sign simply has a knack with money.

And right now, that house is chock full of energy. So, if you are a Sadge, and you don’t have money opportunities right in front of you now, keep looking for them.

Yes, I then have to consider my own thoughts, which is that the second house need not be all about money. It can be about what is valued that is not money. In either case, it is full, and with Venus just entering and moving through, there is still great opportunity to create more of what is valued.

Now, Saturn is in your karma house, so if there are debts to be paid, they will come due over the next two years. If you can, pay them early, fast, and without resistance so you can get back to manifesting what you desire.

Oh, and soon your partner will be less of a strain and more of an asset. Truth be told, when they do seem to hold you down some, it’s really about you and not about them. I’m just saying…


Happy New Year and Happy Birthday. This time of year is always a new beginning for Capricorn, but this year seems more profound than usual.

Every year, after a birthday, we change our identity in a seemingly trivial way. We stop saying, “I am 44,” and replace it with, “I am 45”. As much as we tell ourselves that age is just a number, it changes things.

So, what might it be like when many aspects of ourselves come up for re-evaluation at the same time? Well, I would think it’s a bit of an identity crisis. Gemini, as we discussed above, is fine having multiple identities. They prefer it that way. They don’t take roles too seriously and so can play extrovert in one time and place, and introvert in another. But that’s not the path of Capricorn. Capricorn prefers a bit of the straight and narrow and is serious about what it does. It likes to pick a profession, and then climb the ladder. Start at the foundation and build up. Life ought to be simply adding a new floor (or room) with each year.

But this year, it’s not working out that way. Last year proved that structures weren’t working well enough to simply build upon. Recent circumstances likely pushed you inward – more than usual. So now that five planets occupy your identity house, it’s time to start figuring things out.

For example, the world did not end on 12/21/12. Nirvana didn’t fall to earth either. Great. That means we have to make do and get back to work. That means we have to solve all of those problems that were left undone last year. That means 2013 is at least starting like any other year.

Like any Capricorn, you’ll likely start with work. You like work. It is an identity that you are comfortable with. So what needs to happen there? Lean on your network of associates if changes need to be made. You have the support of all of the connections that you supported over the years. Don’t hesitate to call on them. You’d be surprise at what peers can do for you. I know, you like to play the parent role. Well, this month, let others parent you a little. It doesn’t mean you’ve lost the ability to take care of yourself (and others), it just means a little direction from a friend could be helpful.

It’s a good time to get things started, but don’t get too attached to having to see it all the way through to the end before taking the first step. Just get it going and then follow where it takes you. Yeah, not quite your style, but I still think it’ll work for you.


Something is brewing big time for you Aquarian folk. I’m sure you can’t put your finger on it, but I’m sure you feel it. Maybe you don’t even know what area of life it will affect. Maybe it will affect all areas of your life. Whatever it is, it is powerful.

The best read I can get on your chart is to start with creativity and self-expression. Typically, Aquarius is good with both of these. It is a natural Aquarian trait. However, that which is natural is often automatic (and unconscious). So for the next chunk of time, think about it. Examine your self-expression and your unique style. What makes you unique and why does it work on you? Okay, now apply that to what you want to create out there. Expand your view of self to include your life. If you are creating it, then how can you make it more unique, and quirky, and fun, and different?

Many of us know that we can dress ourselves up however we want. We can create a look, put it on, and then get on with our day. What we forget is that we can dress our day as well. We can sit down at the breakfast table and tell ourselves that the day will be this, that, and the other thing. It doesn’t always work out exactly the way you want, but with practice you can get better at it. Give it a try and see what happens. Then expand your vision to include further out into the future…


A Pisces can be the funnest person to be around when they’re happy, and the hardest person to find when they’re not. That is because they are self-healers. When they don’t feel well, they retreat into themselves until they do – at least as much as they can. And there is a reason for this. As mutable water, they are the most empathic. It is hard to heal when feeling everyone else’s wounds too. So in being alone for a bit, a Pisces can get a sense of what wounds are theirs, and then heal them.

Right now is an especially interesting time for Pisces because the majority of influence coming at them is from everyone else. They can retreat, but they’ll still feel it. It is like being in a room when everyone is talking at the same time. It is impossible to follow any one conversation, including your own thoughts.

So what do you do?

For one, take advantage of alone time. Don’t just be alone when you’re alone, but use that time for yourself. Do whatever soothes you and makes you feel better. But be sure to pick those things that really help, not so much the quick fixes. Allow this time to be deliberate. [You might need to meditate on what that means exactly.]

Next, work on your boundaries. Not just the ones where you tell someone to back off some, but where you can energetically shield while being in the middle of chaos. Wanna know a great way to practice? Go to a grocery store on a Saturday afternoon. Don’t shop, just walk around. See if you can observe all of the chaos around you, but not be subject to it. Experience all of the sensation, but allow it to flow right through you, over you, and around you. I’m sure if you do this a few times, you’ll soon find that you can insulate yourself from the rough waters. You are a fish after all. Yes, a fish is a proficient swimmer in calm waters, but he can still make headway in rough currents. Just ask the salmon what he does when he has to swim against the stream.

BTW – if you learn some nifty techniques through experimentation, share them with the world. It will be fun and uplifting for you, and a great service to everyone else.


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