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Three, Six, and Nine

I would like, for a moment, to discuss the three special numbers in numerology. These numbers are special because they stand out on their own. All of the other single digit numbers connect to every number. The 3 and the 6 only connect to 3, 6, and 9. And the 9 only connects to itself.  All of this has to do with numerological math, which I won’t get into right now. I did write about all of this in my 2nd book (currently still a manuscript). [Contact me if you would like to read/review it.]

Three is a soft and easy number. It is about creation, creativity, art, and skill. It is feminine in many aspects, but active as well. The numbers, in my opinion, do not clearly polarize male/female (yang/yin), but they can pull one way or the other.

In ideal conditions, three likes to create from a clean slate – painting a portrait from a blank canvass.

Six, as I mentioned, contains three within it. It too is creative, but like Virgo, is also reactive. Six wants to restore harmony to what is. When a three is not executed with perfection, there is room for improvement. Truth is, there is room for improvement regardless. That’s simply because we live in a dynamic universe. Something that’s ideal today, is less so tomorrow.

For one to be optimally proficient with six, they must accept all of what is – the good and the bad. You cannot truly improve without considering it all: what works, and what does not work.

Nine, the most special and most unique number, is all about completion – at least in the mundane sense (meaning in space-time reality). Because space and time are linked, it is impossible for a nine to truly exist here. Nothing is ever completed in a true nine sense. The 3 and the 6 are always still available. As part of moving through 9, we have to at some point let go of what we are trying to perfect and move on. That’s when we stop sixing, and start threeing. That’s when we stop trying to turn water into wine. So, inside of six, there is also a 5. Five is a letting go, but with six, the five and one come together. In letting go, we can move on to something new.

So yesterday’s post about Sixes and Nines was incomplete as I never discussed the nines.

The way I see it, Pluto and Saturn’s plan for the new requires completion of some things. That’s why a Golden Age will never magically manifest as some external savior. It can’t happen that way because that would push aside the great gift of nine.

The past only exists within us, by one point of view. We remember the past, but we cannot revisit the past. And we can’t change the past save see it in a new way.

So let’s look at 6 another way. If we construct a 6 by adding 4+2, you arrive at stagnation with energy building; things are happening, but not visibly. Four strives to keep the status quo. At its best, it is foundational support and stability. At its worst, it is the proverbial rut. The 4 within 6 is that which we are holding on to. Yet notice, if we hold onto something with 4, then we are connected to it by 2. Two represents the duality of the physical realm. It’s that tendency to resonate with something via opposition. How often does that  happen? We fixate on things we dislike, and that brings out the worst in us. We become ugly fighting against those things we find ugly.

Now construct 6 as 5+1. This is letting go of what doesn’t work in order to move on and create something new! Yes, there is a touch of pain in 5 – always. No matter how freely we let go, there is always that human tendency to mourn – at least in my experience.

Someday, we may evolve to forever construct 6 as 3+3. I once poetically wrote this as so: the flower (3) breaks through (3) the concrete to reach the sunlight (6). The flower is a living work of art – a classic representation of 3. The journey of growing is also a 3 – if we look at it as an ultimate expression of living. Reaching sunlight is a goal and thus 6. It is not the end.

Pluto is at 9 degrees, and will not move off it quickly. In fact, right now it is at 9 degrees and 33 arc-minutes – how’s that for a synch-wink from the Universe!

The 3, 6, and 9 can exist simultaneously. When we get out of linear thinking, we stop forcing things to complete and end before moving forward. Allow cyclical 9. In other words, allow completing old stuff to happen when it happens, and keep moving forward despite it. Six links the three and the nine. The now links the future and the past.

Adding threes together:

3+3 = 6
6+3 = 9
9+3 = 12/3


Adding sixes together:

6+6 = 12/3
3+6 = 9
9+6 = 15/6



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