Dear Friends –

In less than 2 days, the orb of light that you call ‘sun’ will enter a part of the celestial sky that you associate with ‘the fish’. In so doing, it will join 4 others that you track regularly. 8 days later, the bright and beautiful morning star will join in, and then in the earliest hours of 3/10/2013, your luminous satellite will accompany the others for just over 48 hours.

The rhythms and cycles of your system, being what they are, provide moments like these where an abundance of vibration is tuned toward a common theme. You have labeled this one Pisces.

Through observation, you have come to realize that this ‘sign’ is most resonant with the concept of fluidity. You have categorized three signs as being that of water, and yet it is Pisces that most embodies the characteristics of fluid.

The nature of fluid (beyond that of liquid) entails movement, flow, current, and tides. You have fashioned many expressions from this, such as: going with the flow, ebb and flow, drifting on the seas, sailing into the sunset, a fish out of water, and swimming against the stream.

During this time of abundant Piscean energy, we invite you to ponder and contemplate the fluidity of your existence. It is said that a fish cannot know of the water in which it is immersed, but I ask you, is that really true? Is not the movement of water an indicator that there is something at play? Surely fish feel currents and tides, wouldn’t you agree?

And in this same way, you feel the invisible forces of nature at work on you.

In the science of Astrology, Pisces is associated with the 12th ‘house’. This house represents karma and things unseen. It is very much analogous to the idea of water to a fish. It may be unseen, but that does not mean it is unfelt. And, in fact, one of the gifts of Pisces and its season is the reminder that feeling – the act of sensing beyond your eyes and ears – is a pertinent process for wellbeing. There are even those among you who exemplify that it is possible to live without sight and sound.

As you ponder and consider the fluidity of life, observe the water. Yes, water pools. Lakes, for example, may look the same day in and day out, but the specific molecules of H2O are changing and exchanging constantly. If you could really see this movement, your lakes would more resemble your rivers than your landmasses.

As we said, Pisces is more about fluidity, than simply water, so let’s consider a better example. In your existence, lakes, oceans, and rivers move and evolve relatively slowly. Instead, consider the temporary streams that develop in storms. Recall those days in your youth when you watched and played with these mini rivers. You placed leaves on the surface to observe the current. You placed piles of sand in its path as makeshift dams.

Upon encountering an obstacle, water appears to pause in its greater movement. The overall current is interrupted and thus the water swirls and pools – and slows. Given a particularly bold obstacle and a large enough space, the water will form into a lake hiding the majority of its flow beneath the surface. And yet the water upstream continues to come. Soon, the accumulated water overtakes the obstacle and finds a way around it that is easiest.

Now, relate this to your own processes. You all know what it feels like to encounter obstacles. You all can relate to the swirling sensation of the conflict. In that state, you know not what to do or where to go to continue your forward progress. You spin and you stir, you seek and you search, and eventually you calm into a pool. Although your observable struggle subsides, your inner churning continues. You are now forced (or at least greatly encouraged) to utilize your inner sensing.

Just as the water that pools feels for a way out, your inner sensing does the same. Your mind, your eyes, your ears have fully acquainted you with the obstacle, but it is this inner sensing that explores the subtle crevices and textures. It is here that flow continues unseen to the air above.

And if you observe water in this predicament, you can see that while it seems to be stagnant, it actually evolves. As more water flows into the pond, the edges creep upward and outward. Areas of greater ease grow more quickly. Soon a miniature valley is found and the water escapes. Given enough time, a new stable system is achieved where an equal amount of water flows out as flows in.

And yet, there is also a slower evolving taking place. The water that flows erodes the earth below it. The obstacle itself is challenged, little by little. Just like a river that changes course or a dam that breaks, significant shifts can occur seemingly over night.

Your life is never stagnant despite how it looks, despite how it feels. Your inner sensing is always available to you. There is always energy flowing in. There is always evolving.

When considering the full life cycle of water, there too are the gaseous and solid states, and yet even these have continual movement and evolution. Glaciers flow same as rivers, simply to a very different rhythm of time. And water flows as air even more readily than as liquid.

The next time you sit for meditation, we invite you to become like water. Begin in whatever state you find yourself in, and then use your inner sensing to feel and perceive the subtle flow, evaporation, evolution, and movement.

Water is as alive as your body and in fact the greatest part of it. When you become like the water, you go with the flow and move in the path of least resistance. When you become like the fish, you can combine your will with the current around you and achieve a synergy of purpose unlike you’ve experienced in recent time.


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