Channeled Message

The Greatest Gift I Can Imagine

Dear friends, if I told you that I could give you a gift that would change every aspect of your life for the better, would you believe me?

A gift so powerful, it would solve every relationship dilemma you’ve ever had.
A gift so instantaneous, the moment you accept it, all emotional pain, guilt, and suffering will end and be replaced with sheer joy and utter pleasure.
Can you believe it? Is this a bit too grand, perhaps?

Now, what if I told you that I have the ability to give you this gift – right here – right now – within the confines of this short blog? What then? How about if I tell you that it will cost you nothing? Could you fathom such a thing?
Could you believe even for a moment that a truth like this could exist?

Before I go on, let me assure you that such a thing can and does exist. And yes, it is the truth – should you choose to accept it.

My dear boys and girls, you have come a long way, and yet you are still a long way off. We say this because many of you consider yourselves – consciously or unconsciously – to be seekers of The Truth”. This path is your greatest undertaking, and your greatest of errors.

Before we convey to you this glorious gift that we have prepared for you this evening, we first wish to say this. As the sole creator of your own universe, it is imperative that you come to know two things:

1 – There is no Truth (with a capital ‘t’), and
2 – Undertaking a spiritual journey to uncover Truth is the single greatest source of pain and suffering you will ever meet.

This is because, as soon as you declare Truth to exist and then set out to find it, you begin a vigorous cycle of self-flagellation, because in so doing, you make your own truth false and you forfeit all of your power to what lies outside of yourself.

The way it really works is thusly:

Every idea you declare to be true, becomes true to you and you alone.

So, right here, right now, declare this post (and every other concept you read or hear) to contain no Truth whatsoever, AND avow at this very moment all of the possibilities you wish to experience and none that you do not, thus stating and creating your own truths.

Do you want a gift to exist that can transform your life the moment you accept it? Then avow that it exists.
Do you want to solve all of your relationship problems as they are presented to you? Then avow that it is possible.
Do you want to replace emotional pain and suffering with joy and pleasure? Then begin by declaring for yourself those truths you wish to experience and dispel all thoughts of Universal Truths, which do not exist in any form anywhere.

OK – now, are you ready for the gift? 😉

I will give you the gift in few words, but then spend some time working with it a bit for you. Here we go…

Loving someone is a completely selfish act.

For that matter:

Loving anyone or anything is a completely selfish act.

And furthermore:

Harboring any feelings about anyone or anything is a completely selfish act.

And lastly:

Entertaining any thought whatsoever is a completely selfish act.

Now let’s explore what this means. If loving someone is a purely selfish act, then you do no one any favors by loving them. You do no one any harm by loving them either. In fact, you do nothing for anyone- save yourself – by loving anything.

Now, expanding this, you do nothing for anyone – save yourself – by feeling any sentiment toward anyone or anything.

And further, you do nothing for anyone – save yourself – by thinking any thought about anyone or anything whatsoever.

And that means: You are free to love, free to hate, free to prefer, free to believe, free to conjure any thought you can imagine, and you still do nothing to anyone – save yourself.

Now, why would a gift like this solve all of your relationship problems? Well, first:

You owe no one anything for their love.

If love is a purely selfish act for you, then it is also a purely selfish act for everyone. If someone loves you, their sole gain in doing so is the pleasure they feel as they love you. You do not create that pleasure. You are not responsible for it. And thus you owe no one anything for their love.

Aren’t you glad I told you this before Valentine’s day? 🙂

So guilt goes away because you cannot hurt someone by not loving them. You cannot hurt someone by hating them. You cannot hurt someone by thinking cruel or ugly things about them.

Your opinion of others matters not – save to you.

See, you are the sole creator of your life. And all around you are the sole creator of theirs. You cannot hurt anyone with any thought or feeling you harbor. It is simply not possible.

And they cannot hurt you with theirs.

Just as you owe nothing to anyone for their love, they owe you nothing for yours.

Your love is pure masturbation. Do it because it pleases and pleasures you and you alone, for it does nothing for anyone else anywhere. When you hurt because someone does not return your love, you still believe that their love matters to you. And in this case, you have not yet accepted the gift, which is fine because you are only hurting yourself in this way. So while you may still hurt, there is no reason to feel guilty about it! 🙂

How about the joy and the pleasure?

Well, if loving others is purely selfish, then THE ONLY reason to love other people, places, or things is because it feels good to do so.

If it pleases you to hate someone or something, then do that. But I think you will find with experience that nothing feels as good as loving someone, or something, or some place.

And when you realize that there is one and only one reason to love, and that is because it is the single most pleasurable thing you can do for yourself, and when you accept that you can only create pleasure for yourself anyway, then you will begin to love this one and that one. You will start to love everyone and everything with abandon. You will glutton yourself on love and your life will become a complete smorgasbord of love because

You will get, you will believe, and you will understand that loving – the completely selfish act of projecting love/light/energy out of your pores, is also the single greatest pleasure you can create for yourself, which does no harm to anyone – including yourself – and does no good to anyone – save yourself – but which does the most good that you can ever do in this universe because you live in your own universe where you can only please and pleasure – or hurt – yourself.

When you come to understand this, that nothing another does in your presence can create pleasure or pain – only you can, then nothing they do, or say, or feel, or think will matter to you in your universe. The only thing that will matter is whether you love them – or not – in that moment.

And nothing you do in another’s presence can create pleasure or pain for them – only they can. Thus nothing you do, or say, or feel, or think will matter in their universe, only their actions, or words, or feelings or thoughts. In this way, you will become completely free in the presence of anyone!

The day that you accept this gift, is the day that you live solely for your self – for your own pleasure – for your own gain – and on that day – you will experience nothing but bliss no matter what for you will know that the only choice to make to create the greatest joy and pleasure is to love – simply because nothing feels better than the act of loving. No one need be, do, think, or feel anything in your presence – for you are free to love – or not – no matter what.

So as you begin to accept this gift more and more, you will choose to love when you can, and you will choose to walk away when you cannot, and you will set yourself free to make this choice always, and you will inadvertently set everyone else free to make the same choice for themselves because you will stop looking to their words, actions, thoughts, or feelings for your pleasure. You will stop blaming them for your pain and stop attributing them for your joy. You will simply choose to love – or not – and pay their choices less and less mind – until you pay them no mind at all.

So – believe this – or not – it is up to you.
Accept this gift – or not – it’s your choice.
Avow your truth as to the source of your pleasure – or not.

I have a feeling that those who begin to accept this gift will cease seeking  Truth outside of themselves – will cease seeking love outside of themselves – will cease seeking pleasure outside of themselves – and will avow that the only thing they can do – always – is pleasure themselves – or not – love someone/something/someplace – or not – and in so doing, declare themselves the most powerful (as creator of their own universe) and the most powerless (as having no ability to create pleasure or pain for another whatsoever).

And this – I believe – will change everything – and for the better.

So – now – what do you believe – or want to believe?


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