Dueling Squares

It has come to my attention that I was mentioned in The Mountain Astrologer Monday. Find the article here:

In yesterday’s post Interaction, I illustrated many of the interesting aspects that occurred in the morning. The moon, at that time, was a good part of it. In today’s post, I highlight three aspects that will happen in a six hour stretch and the moon is again key.


We’ll start with the first Full Moon of spring. This is the one used to calculate when Easter occurs. The formula is this:

Easter Sunday = the first Sunday after the First Full Moon after the Spring Equinox.

The Full Moon occurs early morning on 3/27/13 and Easter is 3/31/13.

This year, the Libra moon is not only opposite the Aries sun, it also opposes Venus (conjunct the sun within orb – exact on 3/28/2013 at 12:04 pm CDT). Full Moons always tug on the emotions, but this one ought to be especially romantic – assuming the other aspects don’t distract you.

The Full Moon after this one, by the way, will be a Lunar Eclipse. The moon will be in Scorpio and nearly conjunct Saturn. I suspect that one will be the eerie sort, the kind where you might want to walk around a graveyard in the middle of the night to see who comes and visits you. It’ll be scary fun!

Next up are the dueling squares this post is named after. They are separated by precisely 3 hours and occur 26 arc minutes off of each other. In other words, all four planets are at 11 degrees of their respective signs and all aspect each other! That another 11, 11, 11, 11!

The first to occur is the Mars-Pluto square. This pairing can stimulate a conflict in your life. Your opponent might be an authority figure or subordinate; in either case they will be a formidable match.

A square can manifest as an impasse. Some person or situation becomes an obstacle. With Mars in Aries, we (or the other) can easily get triggered. Tempers may flare, but with Pluto involved, whatever the argument may be, underneath it will be about power.

Now let’s consider the lesson of the Full Moon; she is bright because she reflects the light of the sun. She emulates the sun, except in the nighttime. The sun represents our expression of self and ego, the moon our emotional expression. At the Full Moon, it is clear that they are the same. We are both sides of this opposition, even if we change our expression by day and by night.

With squares, it works the same. In esoteric reality, you are both sides. In mundane reality, you have to play one side or the other, but you can choose!

A Pluto-Mars conflict is about establishing who is on top. Pluto in Capricorn is the so-called, established authority, but Mars in Aries (with Uranus at his side) wants to overthrow that authority. Uranus has been battling it out with Pluto for a while now, but Mars is impetuous and wants to fight. He is still at that stage where he is trying to prove himself – to the world, but really to himself.

Before I go on, let’s consider the other simultaneous and aspected square. Here we have Jupiter at 90 degrees to Chiron for the third time in the cycle. Jupiter has been forward, back, and forward again in Gemini. This is his last and final square with the wounded healer for a while. The previous two dates were:

  • July 24, 2012 8:08 am CDT
  • January 15, 2013 at 12:07 am CST

[I wrote about the second square between Jupiter and Chiron in From Now to the End of March.]

So these two have been helping us work on big, painful obstacles. Jupiter, by expanding our thoughts, is highlighting those beliefs that have been getting in our way. Chiron has a finger pressed firmly on the wound eliciting some pain. Now, all four planets are pushing upon us.

As in yesterday’s post, this is when it all comes together:

  1. We have thoughts (beliefs) that we are not good enough and thus powerless in some area of life (Jupiter in Gemini).
  2. This belief has caused us pain again and again (Chiron in Pisces).
  3. Some established authority has held us back for too long or is at the root of a current issue (Pluto in Capricorn),
  4. and we’re pissed and ready to fight or so worked up we can’t sit still any longer (Mars/Uranus in Aries).

Whatever may come from Mars and Pluto, Jupiter and Chiron will make sure that it teaches everyone involved a lesson. I don’t like that word lesson, but in this case, it’ll feel that way. Keep in mind that the Universe urges us to know and experience our own power. Once we assume the role of The Emperor (card IV in the Tarot), we need not demonstrate our power to anyone. But the road to that position can be filled will battles.

You have four roles to choose from – pick the one that will most connect you to your own power:

  1. Hold your ground. You have already proven to yourself (and others) your resourcefulness; now you simply need to be in your power and allow the way through to be shown (Pluto in Capricorn).
  2. To fully experience yourself as powerful, you might have to demonstrate your power outwardly, and by taking action in some way. A true warrior understands he is only battling himself. He can do this with an opponent, but needn’t lose sight of his options. He may be called upon to act, but can choose how to act. (Mars in Aries).
  3. You are simultaneously wounded and a healer. A Healer is “one who heals”, and this covers both sides. Just because someone is wounded, does not mean they are broken or weak or sinful or wrong. They are simply working through some current challenge to reach a place of higher awareness of themselves. Have compassion for all involved, but simultaneously see everyone as powerful and capable of healing themselves. (Chiron in Pisces).
  4. You may be the one that has made things bigger in some way, and thus worse. Maybe every word out of your mouth triggers the other(s) even more. Recognize that this role is significant. The one who prods is the one who guides others to the oasis even if through an especially rough patch of desert. Laugh at the whole scene the way one can after it is all over and resolved. (Jupiter in Gemini).

And, of course, the greatest option is to pick all four of these simultaneously:

When you are taught to rise above conflict, you are given sound advice. Rising above is the act of moving one’s attention from the lower self to the higher self. When you are above a situation, you have access to more information. You do not see from your lower perspective alone, but from many perspectives at once. You see the big picture. You see the situation from multiple positions in space and from multiple positions in time. In seeing the past, you see how the situation was created. In seeing the future, you gain access to the ultimate benefit and resolution. Rise high enough and you see perfection in everything.

from my novel to be released in 2013.


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