Astrology is geometric. Some days, even when you’re not sure what it all means, it sure is pretty.


What you see here is the chart for this morning. All of the lines drawn connect planets at either 10 or 11 degrees. I have not shown any other aspects (and there are more). And this is just the beginning of a busy week. The faster planets are approaching slower ones, which means they will take over some of the aspects shown. It also means they will be making conjunctions. The individual list of aspects for this week is impressive.

When I tuned in this morning, I got:

This is a week when it all comes together.

When so many aspects happen at the same time, it’s more about the symphony than the instrument. Yes, some aspects are square, but due to the abundance of more harmonious ones, there will be plenty of ways around the obstacles. As with the symphony, you might lock onto a particular tune for a moment, but if you don’t like the sound of it, just pick another to focus on.

A second image I get for the week is a family reunion summer barbecue. So, there are some relatives around you don’t enjoy. Yes, you are obligated to say hello. However, because there’s such a large group, you don’t have to seat yourself next to that annoying aunt all day. Politely tell her you have to go chat with your cousin!

The last time I wrote there were two days left for Mercury Retrograde. Mercury’s station was exactly square to my natal sun. When Mercury stopped, so did time (in my world).

The word Retrograde could easily be replaced with research – at least when we’re talking about Mercury. So during the retrograde period, Mercury was digging through history. When he reported back at the time of his station, I wasn’t prepared for what he had to say. His lack of movement didn’t help. Even Mars pushing and prodding did nothing to get me moving. A lunar return conjunct Jupiter while Mercury stopped in Pisces was like life holding my head underwater. I stopped hearing, talking, or breathing. Everything looked blurry, sounded fuzzy, and felt yucky.

As unproductive as that all sounds, it may have been the most important work one could do in my position. So if any of you got struck the way I did, I hope all of the cohesion this week offers paths for solution.

I think my head is clearing up, so I hope to offer highlights as the weeks goes on. For today, I’ll simply invite you to look at the chart. Notice that Saturn retrograde is part of 3 yods (skinny triangles of green lines). Also notice that many of the apexes are outer planes: Pluto, Uranus, Chiron, Saturn, and Jupiter.

The moon is flying through this matrix, and will be out of it within hours, but all the other lines will stay active.

Change, as they say, is the only constant. If you’re needing a little change, this is a great week for it!


4 thoughts on “Interaction”

  1. I noticed that too yesterday! I returned to look at a chart I thought I had left pulled up, and was confused because the chart I meant to look at had the north node conjunct the point of a yod. At first I was just trying to figure out how the nn had moved a few degrees. It took me a few to realize that I was looking at the day’s chart. I guess that made it a good day for researching yods!


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