Caffeinated Prudence

Mars in Aries is like three cups of coffee when you normally have one. Sitting still is a challenge and patience a chore.With Uranus near by, it’s like putting power tools in those jittery, impetuous hands. Yes, you can be very productive, but yes, you can also do some damage.

Keep in mind that Mercury is still inching backward. That’s like a leash on your wrist. With Mars and Uranus, you are strong enough to cut it, but is that really what you want? Is it your clear intention to burn those bridges?

You only have 2 days to wait for the Mercury station. You only have 3 more after that for the sun to enter Aries giving Mars and Uranus more light to work with.

You know best whether to proceed and how – I merely recommend taking a moment to think about it in advance!


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