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Bringing it all Together

As of yesterday, I wasn’t planning on writing an Astrology post today, but then I woke during the night with a strong need to set things right. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had failed in my task, and that it is now my duty to fix the mistake. I also feel I should apologize.

The beauty of all of this is the Perfection of the Universe. I, like any other, am subject to the pokes and prods from the Universe. In my attempt to convey what’s going on to you, I fell victim to it all. Having done that, I now understand it at a deeper level.

You may not know this, but everything I am writing is exactly in this week’s chart. So in an attempt to bring it all together, I am going to simply list all of the pieces:

Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries is pushing, prodding, and urging us forward. “You have to do this and you have to do it now,” they keep saying. And due to the connections with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, they are also saying, “You’re not doing enough. Come on, step up to the plate, it’s your responsibility – you can fight the man – you can get it done!” Notice that all of this is very male energy.

Mercury conjunct Chiron trine Saturn is the part where we feel such a strong responsibility to help. I felt that I didn’t do enough yesterday, that I didn’t give you enough tools to help you in your struggles, that I didn’t do my job. Jupiter’s connection to the others is the not enough part. In total, this is the female energy side. It’s how we feel, it makes us sad, it where we want to help.

Interestingly, the Marriage Equality focus this week was precisely appropriate. Within the on going Uranus-Pluto square, Uranus in Aries represents gay’s desire to marry and Pluto in Capricorn represents the established law. The square is the conflict between the two. Mars entering the picture brought the influx of energy that pushed and prodded Uranus’ position and therefore drove the protests and fiery expression.

But look! Now Venus is entering the discussion. The Mars side was individuals expressing their anger because a perceived right is being denied, but what is really being asked for? Individuals are asking for their loving relationships to be deemed legitimate. Venus’ role is to remind everyone that although this is a battle of views, it is really about love.

In my opinion, if a decision comes out this week, there is no way the opposition to gay marriage can stand. You have the sun, Venus, Uranus, and Mars all vying for things to change. On the other side, Chiron and Saturn are linked with Pluto, but this is not about keeping things the same. This is showing the way forward.

My take is this: all laws are created from fear. A group of people afraid of something makes it illegal in the hope of protecting themselves from it. Anyone who is against two people getting married clearly is afraid of something. In order for the established laws to be relaxed, fears have to be healed (Chiron) and responsibly (Saturn). For whatever reason, this issue hits people on both sides in a deeply emotional way (Scorpio).

Both sides are trying to heal. Many gay people were rejected in their youth by the very people who they needed the most (family and friends). Now, as adults, they are seeking to heal those wounds by asking for legal marriage. Legitimacy thus gives them what they didn’t get earlier in life.

But what’s the fear on the other side? (I can feel it in my heart, but I cannot understand it in my head.) I know that fear of change is natural, but why is this change so threatening?

[An added note:

I believe I was just told what this is about and now I understand the hurt and the pain that is underneath it all. For those of you who might be reading this – I am truly sorry for the pain you endured and I wish for you the same comfort and healing.

I think we all need to accept that there are a lot of us out there who have been hurt. We feel angry, which is on the way to health and happiness. The anger has to be accepted, expressed, and then surpassed for healing to occur and this applies to all of us.]

Yes, Marriage Equality is only one topic. I can read this chart a different way for every life situation I look at and still find how it fits.

The beauty of archetypal tools like Astrology and Tarot is they are infinitely useful for human affairs. Why? Because we humans have been around for a long time. We’ve established some strong role models and slip into them quickly and easily. When push comes to shove, we react in archetypal ways, but there are always choices.

Right now, with Mars and Venus near, we can choose to fight or we can choose to love. With Mercury and Chiron near, we can’t solely think about it and not also feel it. With Saturn watching over, we are being called upon to do what is appropriate for the greater good. And with Jupiter’s involvement, there’s no way to not notice. Everything is huge right now.

Above and underneath it all is Pluto. Humanity cannot hold itself back from evolving – collectively and individually. Everything is changing. Yes, it is scary. Yes, some firmly established structures will crumble and fall. Yes, there will be no going back.

Even in my humble little part of the world, all of this applies on a much smaller scale.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Welcome!


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