Venus within the Grand Sextile

Journey to the Temple of Ra

Earlier this week, we had some significant aspects going on. I was so busy with the announcement of my new novel: Journey to the Temple of Ra, I couldn’t take the time out to write about it.

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Monday morning, the sun moved into Leo, the sign it rules. If there is one month that is truly summer (in the northern hemisphere), it is the month of Leo!

This year, Leo came in like a lion. Did you feel it? My world was swirling anyway, but while out and about I could feel all sorts of new energy surging. The sun in Leo immediately amped things up, but so did the Mars-Jupiter conjunction earlier that morning. Yet all that energy had a hard time finding places to go. It was like Pamplona: the bulls were let loose and began trampling down the narrow streets. Obstacles abounded, but didn’t last long.

Now that the onrush of fire has settled in, the virgin Venus energy is more noticeable. In fact, what we now have is the beginning of our second Kite.

The Grand Sextile is formed from two overlapping Grand Trines. The result is six overlapping Kites. Today, we have two of them.

The first Kite is the one I spoke of in Same Kite…Different Day among other places. It has Pluto at the head and Mars and Jupiter at the tail. The new Kite has Venus at the head and Neptune at the tail. This evening, the moon will pass through the tail opposing Venus and Conjoining Neptune (shown below). The left arm of the Venus Kite is Saturn and the right arm is Mars/Jupiter.

Venus Kite within the Grand Sextile
Venus Kite within the Grand Sextile

So what does it mean to put all of this together? In my mind, this is a formula for creating a masterpiece. Venus in Virgo has patience to attend to details. Moon/Neptune conjunction has imagination. Saturn is the practical side to maintain function and structure. And finally, Mars/Jupiter conjunction fuels the effort.

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This configuration mirrors exactly my current work. The innards of the print edition of my book is complete, and the full front/back cover is being refined. There’s plenty of logistics to take care of. When I get too Mars, I get frustrated (Mars in Cancer). When I let the Venus opposite Neptune get to me (something I have in my Natal Chart), I can imagine failure rather than success. However, if I keep my eye firmly focused on Venus in Virgo and patiently attend to the finer details, it all flows (the Grand Trine within the Kite).

Now keep in mind that Chiron and the North Node of the moon are nearly within orb of this Kite. This I have been painfully aware of. I would love to say that this past week was nothing but a joy, but I can’t.

A Kite can only fly when it is balanced, otherwise it will crash down to the earth. The balance has to be between Mars/Jupiter and Saturn. This is not easy. Saturn is slow and patient, like Venus. Mars is being fueled by Jupiter (as if he needs more), but in frustrating Cancer.

This to me matches our current society. Our right arm, for a long time, has been overpowering our left. That’s what happens when men are in control, when yang dominates yin.

Three points of this Kite are in water and all four points are in female signs (water and earth). In fact, the entire Grand Sextile is in the female signs! The whole point of both Grand Sextiles is to accept, bolster, and refine our feminine side.




It’s actually a pretty easy formula.

In my case, the fussing is nearly complete with the print version of the book. Soon, the files will be sent to the printer. The ebook, which has already been published, is, in a sense, a manifestation of air. With the print edition, I will have finally reached earth.

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