Counterpoint Leading to the Grand Sextile

For a Grand Sextile to be pristinely exact, we need a planet every 60 degrees. Monday morning will be a pretty good approximation.

What makes it more interesting still, is the presence of semi-sextile (30-degree) aspects, which simultaneously forms three squares (90 degrees), two Yods, and a T-Square. This adds counterpoint to the symphony.

Saturday's Counterpoint leading to the Grand Sextile
Saturday’s Counterpoint leading to the Grand Sextile

In my last post (Venus within the Grand Sextile), I mentioned how the moon passed over Neptune and opposed Venus essentially activating the Venus Kite. That Kite peaks today. At 7:07 am CDT, Venus will exactly oppose Neptune and then at 1:35 pm CDT, Venus will exactly sextile Saturn. We are now three days until the Grand Sextile. Before you get excited, we have one hurtle to leap between now and then.

The moon is the last orb to sit in its chair to form the grand hexagon. Before it does, it is going to pay Uranus a visit on Saturday. This means it will pass through the Mars-Uranus-Pluto T-Square. Interestingly, the moon exactly squares Mars (9:30 am CDT) only hours before Mars exactly opposes Pluto (5:50 pm CDT). So even though the Uranus-Pluto square is somewhat loose right now, the moon (and Mars) will make it feel a lot tighter.

Along the same vein, the sun will exactly square Saturn at 8:05 pm CDT. Saturn can be firm anyway, but a fixed square like this is downright rigid. The heavens, as it is wont to do, is giving us point and counterpoint.

I suspect that some feel the point, while others will feel the counterpoint. For example, my Natal sun sits at 5 degrees Gemini. That places it on the counterpoint. Neptune is square to me and Saturn is inconjunct.

Planets that sit in or around 8 degrees water or earth are on point. Those that sit in or around 8 degrees air or fire are counterpoint. Last night when I gave up on the day a couple hours earlier than normal, I had the overwhelming feeling of suffocating. I needed space; I needed to come up for air.

One week left for the promotion!
One week left for the promotion!

When the sun was in Cancer, I was able to float along with all of the water. Now that it is in Leo (and in my 12th house), it has stoked the fire. The internal pressure is pushing out against the water and if my breathing doesn’t adjust, I’m afraid I’m going to pop.

I’m sure there are those of you out there who feel this side of the equation. Don’t fret – it is part of the plan. Some of the greatest symphonic pieces have those unexpected dissonant chords. That’s what keeps it interesting.

Think of a rollercoaster ride. The incline builds tension. Once the center of gravity passes the high point, the tension releases and the train flies down the track.

Now consider the different positions on the train at that moment of transition when the center of gravity reaches the peak. If you’re in the front car, you’re already looking down the slope – suspended and waiting to be released. If your in the very back, the train will begin to surge forward before you reach the high point. If the train is long enough, you’ll fly right over the peak rapidly.

On Saturday, the train will be straining to push over a significant point of tension. We’re all on that train, but sitting in different seats. By Sunday night, we’ll be rushing down into the Grand Sextile.


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