Confidence and Certainty

The other day, a client sent me a Thank You note in response to a reading I gave him days earlier. At the very bottom of the card, he wrote this:

P.S. Phrase of the week, “There is never certainty, only confidence.” – D. Tangredi

In my experience, readings are as different as people–and I’m speaking from both sides of the table.

A few years ago, I received a reading from a psychic. At that time, I was struggling with A Fool’s Journey, my first published novel. I was not happy with the quality. I wanted to rewrite some of it. I wanted to make it better. In that first reading, the woman saw three books. She even knew some of what they were about. She knew that I wanted to rewrite one-third of the first one. And she told me that I was ready. She said, “If you hang up the phone and run into your office and start writing, it will all flow out of you.” I did just that.

In fact, for 12 months I wrote. I completed the rewrite (and a substantial edit) of A Fool’s Journey, and wrote my second manuscript as the sequel.

18 months after my first reading, I revisited the psychic woman. Spirit seemed to be telling me not to go, but I was stubborn. In that reading, she saw me touring cities in the snow promoting my book. She said she saw an award coming out of the Northeast. In her mind, it was the NY Times Best Sellers designation. She now saw more books and it was confusing because she saw two publishers, but also saw me creating a publishing company of my own.

That second reading was more than 2 years ago I believe. As of the end of 2012, not a word of it came to be.

This past week, I have been reading the first physical proof of Journey to the Temple of Ra. I have already decided to reject it. That simply means I will pay the expense for another proof to be produced from new files. The files are almost ready.

I’ve been thinking back to those readings from so long ago. Was she right, or was she wrong? Were the readings helpful or hurtful? For a while, I was certainly frustrated by the lack of results. Life didn’t present what she saw, but maybe what she thought was a year away was further ahead?

Although I have deemed my first proof “not good enough,” I am excited. Why? Because as I sit and I read it, I am proud.

Promotion Extended!
Promotion Extended!

When the psychic first saw the possibility of my book becoming a NY Times Best Seller, I knew it couldn’t be. I knew the quality of my writing did not support that level of popularity. Yes, I loved the story, but I thought that my writing was a bit of a distraction.

Do I think that now? No! Am I certain? Certainly not! Am I confident? More so than ever!

The difference between A Fool’s Journey and Journey to the Temple of Ra is immeasurable.

As I read my proof, I do find occasional mistakes, but every time I fix one, I shiver with excitement. Often when I read, I can now picture this book in bookstores everywhere. I now see the quality matching books published by the big names.

Those of you who have ordered one of the first 100 will be treated to even higher quality than I could have done. If I had made a business decision rather than an artist’s decision, the first proof would have been good enough for the first batch.

Since producing a new proof has delayed things a tad, I am extending my promotion a bit longer. A keen eye will notice how the cover has improved. “Like” my Journey to the Temple of Ra page on Facebook to get more details on the process. I am getting very close!


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