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Good Enough

Today, I find myself contemplating this question:

“What is good enough?”

An obvious application of this question is with Journey to the Temple of Ra. Last night, I received my first proof. It is simply a regular book. If I approve it, the copy you see will be just the same. So, sometime in the next few days, I have to decide if this book is good enough. And that question even has two perspectives. Is it good enough for the first batch? And is it good enough for the official release (10-1-2013)?

Truth be told, the question of good enough came up before the proof arrived. The first time I noticed myself asking the question was not even in the context of the book. And as life would have it, as soon as I noticed myself asking it, I started noticing a bunch of others asking it too.

In fact, amid the profoundness of the Grand Sextile, I figured out that I had been wrestling with an old, unsupportive belief again: the idea that I have to be someone different than I am in order to <fill in the blank>.

So I ask all of you: how many of you think that too? How many of you think that you have to heal, learn, improve, slim down, grow up, get out of debt, clean your house, think more positively, become enlightened, ascend, etc. in order to get something you want (peace, happiness, love, a vacation, a nicer kitchen, a new car)?

You know–there really is perfection in the universe. Why do I say this now? Because this core belief is exactly something that is between where I am and where I want to be. The Universe can’t choose for me. That’s by design. If it chose, then I wouldn’t be the creator that I am. So if I ask the Universe if I’m good enough, all it can do is echo it back: “Well, are you good enough?” If I decide yes, then I experience yes. If I’m not sure, I’ll experience a little of yes and a little of no. The Universe might show me that I think I’m good enough for this, but not good enough for that.

And isn’t that exactly the information I want to know?

Venus is transiting the sign of Virgo. It is in my second house. I value (2nd house) precision and accuracy (Virgo).

The 3rd house grows out of the 2nd house. The 3rd house covers ideas, communications, and relating with kin. Because I value precision, I value the accurate description of my ideas–be they through the spoken word or the written word.

I can easily spend the rest of my life perfecting a single piece of writing. It would not necessarily be the most exciting life I could create. So, Venus has me asking the question, but Venus is not the only planet in the sky. Saturn is working on me too, and Saturn in Scorpio doesn’t care about words. He doesn’t care what I say, he cares about what I feeldeep down inside. He’s asking me, “do you love yourself–just as you are?”

If Venus is pushing you to consider if you’re good enough, consider it. Ask yourself the question. But my advice to you is this: don’t place too much importance on the answer.

It is not significant whether you think you’re good enough or not.

It is significant that you think you’re good enough or not.

Sit with that for a while…


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