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Books and Needles

Part I – Books

How many of you out there have had mystical experiences?

Have you, by chance, heard someone’s thoughts in your head moments before they actually said them? Have you had premonitions of seemingly mundane events to then live through them days or hours later? Have you had tarot or psychic readings that were eerily accurate? Have you witnessed a channeling session that – while a bit odd – was also comforting and energetically exciting in a way you just couldn’t easily explain to others? Or have you been to a healer who – beyond explanation – quickly cured that pain or emotional issue that you’d been struggling with for a long time?

To those who answered yes to any of these questions, I ask you this: how often do you read novels that contain these kinds of experiences? I’m not talking about Harry Potter, aliens, vampires, or magic – all that could possibly exist but are likely beyond any of your experiences. I am talking about the mystical that is within reach – the experiences you have had, but questioned – the experiences your best friend told you about that left you…curious, and maybe even a little envious.

Well, now…or at least very soon…is the time to read such a story. Click Here!

Officially, my book promotion ends at midnight; today is the last day to take advantage of the $3 discount. Since I don’t have time to work on the website right now, you will likely have the entire weekend to place an order.

Also, if you plan on getting a book…eventually, you are welcome to place a non-committal email order with no money down. Just send an email to and put yourself on my list. I’ll lock the price for you through the end of August. If by then, you change your mind, no harm done. Being on the list, you’ll be contacted once I have books in hand and you can decide then whether to follow through or cancel.

My first physical proof has been printed and is due to arrive today. I will review it over the weekend and if it looks good, I will order my first batch of books shortly after that. Everyone who has placed an order of any kind will be notified of the timeline.

Part II – Needles

Since I’m so full of questions today, I have another one for you. How many of you prefer to give donations to people rather than organizations? Let’s say you know someone who is about to travel to a foreign land to donate their time and services directly to people in need. Isn’t is so much more rewarding to send them a donation, and then read their personal blog to see exactly where your gift went – to see the very faces who received your alms?

Well, if you are such a person – someone who can give, likes to give, and has a PayPal account, then I have just the recipient for you. About 20 years ago – I met her. She is undeniable beautiful – inside and out. We were colleagues and then immediately friends. And some years later, our paths diverged. Our journeys have yet to cross again – on the physical plane – but we have been back in touch. She is a healer, an acupuncturist, and a kind and generous soul. In fact, when you read my book, you’ll find a character – a healer just like her in the chapter entitled Ten of Swords! Her name is Ayoung Kim and this month she embarks on her latest trip. She is off to Guatemala to donate her healing skills to those in need. (You can access a pdf flyer, which is easier to read, by clicking on the image below.)Guatemalafundraiser073013Traditional Chinese Medicine is much cheaper than western medicine, but supplies are still needed: needles, herbs, etc.

If you would like to donate to her efforts or if you simply want to read of her experiences – please visit her blog. Those of you who feel generous can make a donation by simply clicking the PayPal ‘donate’ button on her site.

I happily made my donation already and I hope you will too!

Enjoy your weekend!


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