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The Dog Days of Summer are just about over—at least unofficially. What are officially over (at 6:01 pm CDT this evening) are the lazy, loungy, fixed-fire days of Leo.

The term “Dog Days” come from an association with the rising of Sirius within the Canis Major (“big dog”) constellation. Had a different person been looking at the stars back in ancient times, they could have easily called the time between late July and late August: “The Cat Days of Summer.”

In either case, it’s time to do one Downward-Facing Dog, and then one Upward-Facing Dog to stretch your body out…then get up and get to work! [My kitty girl does a downward dog every time she gets up. She’s so good.]

It is not surprising that school starts during the early days of Virgo. What better sign is there to get back to work, to get studying, and to get organized? Virgo is the sign of Mutable Earth. If you want to re-do something, Virgo is the vibe you want to cultivate. Virgo is related to the 6th house: the house of work, jobs, and service…and pets! In my mind, it closely aligns with the 10th house: the house of career, authority, and visibility. Historically, the two months I most want to get to work are January and September—Capricorn and Virgo.

Virgo is also the second sign ruled by Mercury and as of 5:36 pm CDT tomorrow, Mercury will be there too! Then on Saturday afternoon at 3:56 pm CDT, the sun and Mercury will confer. I am sure they will also concur that it is indeed time to get some work done. By the time their meeting ends, they will have a honey-do list for each of us.

Speaking of lists associated with work, I have two such lists that you just might be interested in perusing. [By the way, I recently learned that peruse actually means: “to study carefully,” not: “to scan casually.” So peruse is the appropriate word and very Virgo!]

To start, check out my Calendar of Events. My book tour is officially beginning!

First stop on the calendar is a virtual one. Sara Pencil Blumenfeld, the host and founder of Awakening In Austin, is going to interview me on her Internet radio show to discuss Journey to the Temple of Ra. If you want to listen live, it will air at 10:00 am CTD Monday, August 26, 2013. This also happens to be during the upcoming Grand Sextile! Talk about grand timing! The recording of the show will be made available subsequently. You’ll be able to find it on Sara’s blogtalk page and on my Media page.

Then, in the first weeks of September, I have three events planned spanning two weekends in two healing centers in two states: New York and Massachusetts.

  • Saturday, 9/7/2013, I will be doing Tarot/Astrology readings, give a talk, and sign and sell books at Synchronicity Healing Center in Brewster, NY.
  • Friday, 9/13/2013, I will be doing just the same at the Abundant Wellness Center in Chicopee, MA.
  • Saturday, 9/14,2013, I will be back at the Abundant Wellness Center for Women’s Empowerment Day and will be doing mini-readings and a talk.

My calendar goes on from there as I have book stops schedule in October and November here in Texas (Austin and San Marcos). I’ll be filling in dates from there. I’m also hoping to get in a trip to California, so if you have venue ideas or events I can be a part of, do let me know.

The first 100 books of Journey to the Temple of Ra have been ordered and are printing presently. One batch is heading south to Austin and the other is heading north. I know we’re getting close to my September 1st deadline, but with the sun in Virgo, things ought to run like clockwork. If you ordered a book, it’ll be on the way soon!

If you have not yet ordered a book, but are getting curious, come to one of my scheduled events. You can also peruse my second list: my list of Book Vendors. Synchronicity and the Abundant Wellness Center have agreed to carry books for sale after my time there. And Book People here in Austin will have copies sometime in September. Individuals are also selling copies as part of their business: for example my sister Terry Tangredi, a licensed Acupuncturist, will have copies at her office and Nikki Rawson, healer & LMT, will have some in her office.

Check out the list and check back for availability. And, of course, if you would like to be a vendor, Contact me!

I hope you enjoyed the lazy pace of Leo and have rested up! As the sun and Mercury move into Virgo, they will also fire up the Grand Sextile, which coincides with the Grand Cross already getting stronger.

Virgo likes a challenge—it’s an opportunity to make things better…


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