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Grand Sextile Partie Deux

On July 29, 2013, we experienced a Grand Sextile. That morning, I analyzed a chart I created using the exact square of the sun and moon to determine an exact time. In anticipation of Monday’s Grand Sextile Partie Deux, I have decided to do something similar.

Grand Sextile - 8.26.2013
Grand Sextile – 8.26.2013

The aspect I selected to anchor the chart is the exact opposition between Venus and Uranus. First off, notice the numbers encoded in their positions: 11o 55’. Also note the time: 12:56 CDT, which would be 11:56 standard time (only one minute after 11:55). Finally, notice that the Vertex, at 11o 47’ Cancer, is nearly exactly square to both Venus and Uranus. All of this tells me that this is a good chart to focus on.

If you look back to my post from a month ago (The Grand Sextile), you will notice that in that chart, Venus was in the 11th house—just as it is here. Even the time of day is nearly identical. If you were to compare side by side, you would find three planets in the same houses as before, Venus, Mars, and the sun. All of the other planets have shifted one house backward except Mercury, which has shifted one house forward.

This time around, Scorpio is our ascendant. This places Pluto (and Mars) as prominent. In July, Pluto opposed Mars. This time, Pluto aspects more planets than anything else in the chart. In fact, the only planet it doesn’t aspect is Mars! Isn’t that intriguing!

Last time, I wrote this about the 7/29 Grand Sextile:

[I]n my opinion, the bright evening star is in fact the sweet spot of the Grand Sextile. And Venus in the 11th house to me represents an ideal – an expression of love toward one’s fellow human that goes beyond inter-personal and romantic relationships.

With Venus in the same house, this ideal remains. However, the theme this time around has to be Pluto in the 2nd house. For my Astrologer audience, following these chains:

  • Scorpio Ascendant leads to Pluto
  • (Pluto in) Capricorn relates to 10th house and thus sun and Mercury
  • (Pluto in) 2nd house relates to Taurus and thus moon and South Node in 6th house
  • 2nd house relates to Venus and thus 11th house where Venus sits.

If you factor in the Mutual Reception between Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio, you now have all of these points in a position of strength: Pluto, Saturn, Venus, and the moon—not to mention Mercury, Neptune, and Jupiter.

So the houses that are highlighted this time are:

  • 2nd house (money and values)
  • 6th house (jobs and service)
  • 10th house (bosses, authority, and government)
  • 11th house (ideals and peers)
  • and maybe even 12th house (unseen influences and “karma”)

These past few months, I’ve stayed away from news of all sorts—mainstream and alternate especially. I am still living among people, so I do catch bits here and there. It seems like there is talk about the markets and the potential for significant change on the horizon. Historically, September and October do tend to be the months when abrupt market changes happen.

Well, this chart seems to indicate that shifts in this area are certainly possible.

For example, the sun and Mercury conjunct in the 10th house indicates to me that whatever is up, it ought to be visible, and in the public’s minds and conversations. With Virgo there, I would not be surprised if the more positive focus is on redoing systems that are weak and/or failing. Remember, Virgo likes to fix things—and government can certain use some fixing, don’t you think?

Venus in the 11th reminds us that whatever the plan, it needs to include the people—all people.

Pluto—of course—is transforming our money situation, but remember, whatever hits our wallets, hits our value system. It is only in times when money is short that we are forced to weigh our values more carefully. So as we decide where to spend money and how much, we—individually and collectively—have to decide what we value.

It just occurred to me that I’ve neglected Uranus in the 5th house, despite using its exact opposition with Venus to anchor the chart. So what does Uranus have to say? First, it being in the 5th house places it opposite to the house it rules. It is also just recovering from the exact square with Jupiter.

So in my mind, Uranus is showing us what the challenge is (as if the rest of the chart wasn’t already showing us that!) Uranus in the 5th house is about creating something new and ingenious to solve our problems of today and simultaneously be a solution that lasts until our children grow up. Uranus is challenging us to create solutions for a generation!

How often (and for how long) have we been simply band-aiding our issues? Isn’t a majority of the problem simply that we—collectively—have been kicking the can into the future instead of picking it up? We keep pushing our problems forward: “I’ll gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today.” How long can we keep doing that and expect things to not worsen?

Uranus represents the challenge, but also the solution! It is a corner of the Grand Cross, and thus it represent a solution we’ll have to work for. The solution is ingenuity! I’m not an airy faery type, but miraculous solutions do exist and happen all the time!

The Knight of Cups comes to mind: he is the romantic dreamer:

Is it not the romantic dream that inspires the journey?

If you believe that nothing is possible, then that is exactly what you’ll experience: nothing.

The sweet spot is to believe that the dream is possible while simultaneously retaining the willingness to evolve toward it.

There are things we experience regularly today that were dreams yesterday: we fly through the air; we communicate with people all over the planet without leaving our home; and we carry around hundreds of our favorite songs and listen to them whenever we like.

Of the houses I highlighted above, three of them are part of a Grand Trine: 2nd, 6th, and 10th. These most relate to money and currency. The Grand Trine implies flow.

One piece of information we all need to keep in our minds is this:

Money only has value when it flows through us.

If you are given 100 million dollars that you are never allowed to spend, are you rich or poor?

If you receive 1 dollar for every dollar you spend, but not a penny more, are rich or poor?

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