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As the month of August comes to a close, it is time for me to make a bit of a confession to you. I like to do this every now and again, and it has been a while. I’m sure there are many of you reading this that are fairly new to my blog, so it’s time.

The big confession is this: I am a bit of a skeptic.

One reason I chose to write my books as fiction stories rather than metaphysical self-help guides is because it gives me an out. I don’t have to believe everything I write (and neither do you). It is a story.

Here on the blog, it’s a bit more challenging. The best I can say is: “This is my perspective.” But the truth is, sometimes what comes out is not even so much my perspective. I can read my writing and think, do I really believe this?

Oh—and I can tell you with even more certainty—my skepticism really comes out when I read other people’s stuff, my peers in the metaphysical community. I can be just as skeptical as the next man.

So, as a skeptic, I am sometimes as surprised by mysticism as anyone. For example, I have another confession to make:

I am starting to think that something I wrote was more true than I believed when I wrote it.

Some time ago, when I noticed that the Grand Sextile was going to appear twice, I described it as a gateway. I compared it to a pair of eclipses. But when I wrote that, I was skeptical about eclipses, gateways, and the Grand Sextiles. Yes, I get that they are rare events, and amazing alignments. I am fascinated by the geometry of it all. My skepticism comes in with the meaning. “Just because a Grand Sextile is rare, does it have to be special?” I ask myself.

In July, I certainly got into the analysis of the first Grand Sextile and wrote a number of articles about it. In August, I wrote much less because I was swamped with book work. But I have to tell you, since Monday, August 26, 2013, life has been noticeably magical. In this past week, I’ve experienced:

August 31, 2013
August 31, 2013
  • More love,
  • More synchronicity,
  • More connection,
  • More easy,
  • More instant manifestation,
  • More flow,
  • More joy,
  • More hope than before.

I feel like I’m falling in love, but not like a teenager who jumps in with both feet and ends up consumed by it. Instead, I am noticing it like watching a flower bud open as the day warms.

This past week was a busy week for me for sure. I expected it to be. Books arrived and that opened the flood gates to new tasks. I knew I would be running around delivering books to buyers, and talking with shops to get some on the shelf.


In fact, commercial break here: My books are now available at Book People on North Lamar here in Austin. AND Nikki Rawson (Stair), an amazing healer/body worker/energy worker, has copies in her Sacred Awakenings office. Go get an amazing Integrated Bodywork session with her, and grab a book on your way out!

Bookstores everywhere now have Journey to the Temple of Ra in their system. You can order the book from all sorts of places! Even if you’re in Europe or Australia, you can buy it locally! They likely don’t have it in stock yet, but they can get it quickly…


Now, in the middle of all of that activity, a number of surprises popped up: significant, profound surprises having nothing to do with the book or my processes. Through these spontaneous events, I realized that things feel different and the suspicion that it’s not just me is growing.

Dipping back into Astrology for a moment, yes, we are past the second Grand Sextile, which means we are past the gateway (if it was in fact a gateway). However, if you look at the chart above, there is still some amazing geometry going on. The sun and Mercury are separating, but the kite they are a part of is still strong. And for the moment, the moon is in there too at one of the corners. In fact, that corner joins the kite with the T-Square.

If we never had the Grand Sextiles, this arrangement itself would be amazing. It is amazing, it just seems simpler by comparison.

One of the things that is good to remind ourselves (from within this energetic astrological configuration) is that:

It matters…and it doesn’t matter.

It is a bit too easy to take life very seriously when in the season of Virgo. Virgo’s earthy (and earthly) focus is why. “If you are going to build (or renovate) a bridge, it had better be done right (or well) or people could get hurt (or killed).” That’s what Virgo says. It is also what Saturn would say. And, there is no argument here. Would any of you debate that statement? I think not.

But the seriousness of life and death is something that is inside of the matrix. The part of us that feels very real pain is the part that is connected to that truth and seriousness. Will we feel that way after we pass over the threshold to the other side? Probably not.

We are simultaneously human beings and spiritual beings and that means there is always two things going on. There is “what matters” and there is what “does not matter.” Another way to think of it is: there is “what is connected to matter” and “what is independent of matter.”

Does our higher self (our spiritual side) care if we win that game, solve that problem, find success in that specific endeavor, get that specific job, make that 10% higher salary, lose that weight, etc.? I don’t think so. From my perspective, spirit never seems to care about results. “Oh, you want that do you? Well, I’m happy to help you get there, but don’t think I care if you make it or not,” they seem to say.

They care about me, but they don’t care about my “success.” They don’t have to, because they are sitting next to the part of me that will always be.

One part of the energy right now is very serious, very productive, and is extremely helpful for getting stuff done. That vibe is serious. But I recommend not getting too entranced by serious…or work…or success. I have always felt (and quite seriously) that everything has meaning. I am now getting to a place where I recognize that while everything does have meaning, none of it matters…or at least, it doesn’t have to.

It’s kind of like this. There are people out there who put their life at risk every day. Maybe they are the classic, archetypal, risk-taker. They perform stunts, and keep pushing the limit.

And some of them die doing what they love.

But you know what? I bet two moments after they die, they say to a friend, “I knew that was going to happen. I knew that one day I would push too far too fast, and I would get myself killed. But it doesn’t matter. I lived that life to the fullest, and it was a lot of fun. No harm done. I am still here…I’m not just still there.”

Those of you who are now reading Journey to the Temple of Ra, I would love to hear what you think. If you are inclined, please write a review and post it on:

Thank you, thank you, thank you…and big hugs to you!


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