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Synchronicity & Being-ness

Toward the end of Journey to the Temple of Ra, embedded within a channeled message, we find the following two lines:

Know that you simply are and always will be, that you need not become what you want to be, merely be it. It takes zero time to shift into being-ness.

Let’s think about this. Clearly, in our society, we don’t allow people to instantly become what they want to be. For example, a pilot, a doctor, a lawyer, and an engineer all require education, training, experience, and certification. You probably all agree that it is better to board a plane knowing that the people in the cockpit know what they are doing.

So, what’s with the message from spirit? What does this really mean and how do we apply it?

Before I go forward, I want to go back—way back. Think about kids. It is so fun to ask them what they want to be when they grow up. They get all excited as they say, “I want to be a fireman,” or, “I want to be an actor.” And some grow up to be exactly what they wanted: for example, Colin Kaepernick, the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. In 4th grade, he wrote about it what he hoped to become and now he is exactly that! Yet, even for him, it took time. He had to grow up and grow into the image he had for himself.

And many people who are what they hoped to be like to tell you of all of the effort, struggle, and achievement it took to get there. They emphasize the journey—with pride. It is an accomplishment, after all.

For a moment, let’s think about a different area of life: relationship. Most people can tell you what they want easily enough: “I want a husband,” “I want a beautiful wife,” “I want a man who treats me well, listens to me when I talk, and tells me what he thinks and feels.”

But tell me how many of you are clear about what you want to be in relationship. Clearly, if you want a husband, you want to be a wife. Maybe you want to be a mother too. But forget the label. What do you want to be? What kind of wife? What kind of mother? Get into the finest level of detail.

This can be difficult. We are trained in relationship to look at the other. We can easily say, “he is this,” or “his is not that.” It is clear to us when “he is doing too much of this,” or when “he is not doing enough of that.”

But relationship is as much about being as it is about receiving. In fact, after years of being taught by spirit, I now believe it is all about being. The receiving is the side effect.

Take for example trust. Everyone, if they take a moment to think about it, wants to be with someone who is trustworthy. They ask, “how do I know that I can trust him?” But there is no answer to that question. There is never an absolute way to know if you can trust someone or not. You simply have to choose to trust, or choose not to. Most of us don’t even consider the choice. We either trust or don’t trust. And if asked, we’ll probably come up with a 100 reasons to support our decision.

The point is, trust is a state of being. It is not a state of doing. Our language deceives us. We mostly say, “I trust him,” or, “I don’t trust him,” but it would be more accurate to say, “I am trusting,” or, “I am not trusting,” at this time. And trusting is not a black and white state. There are levels of trust. We might trust our partner about this thing, but not trust them about that thing.

And trust is not just about fidelity and not just about lovers. In fact, trust is about everything and everything is about trust. We get on a plane because we trust that it will get us to where we’re going.

And trust also comes into play with our work. Yes, we require people to be trained and certified so that we can trust them in their work, but most of us need that for ourselves! We want to feel confident within our professions. We don’t trust that we can simply be what we want to be, and we therefore study, practice, and work at it.

In my first career, I followed the norm. I went to school and studied engineering. While in school, I worked within an internship—the modern equivalent of an apprenticeship. And I got my degree.

In this second career, I left the trodden path. There was no course to take, no degree to work for. No one tells you how to become a healer, an intuitive guide, or an author. They can teach you a modality, the meaning of planets and cards, or how best to write, but that doesn’t tell you how to be it.

Some mystics are born with their gifts. They are healers and/or psychic from an early age. Their intuition is well developed. But that doesn’t allow them to simply put on the (conical) hat (with stars and moons) and then charge you 100 bucks to tell you your fortune.

The past few days have had me thinking about that message from spirit. I have been observing from the outside and the inside. Yesterday was my first book event for Journey to the Temple of Ra. I am one they call “an author.” The book is evidence. But what does it mean to be this? And what about all of the subtle aspects of the rest of my work—as a healer, as a reader, as a blogger, as one who inspires (or at least one who intends to)?

And back to relationship. Over the past few months, Spirit has been helping me understand the role of trust. We think trust must be earned. We deem it foolish to trust otherwise. But what life has shown me is this: when you begin to not trust, the Universe has to validate you in your choice. Your distrust will draw out of others reasons to not trust. And yet, it is still our creating.

If you are seeking a new partner, or a new relationship experience with your current partner, think about what you want to be, not just what you want to have. If you want someone to treat you well, think about what that means in your being-ness.

Most of us want it this way;

  1. we meet the wo/man of our dreams
  2. they prove their love and trustworthiness
  3. we choose them, and they choose us back
  4. we live happily ever after

The truth is, it is more like this:

  1. we open up to love
  2. we open up to trust
  3. we love and recognize love…everywhere it comes and goes
  4. we notice where and when we trust and where and when we do not trust
  5. we choose what we want to be
  6. we practice being it
  7. we be it
  8. The Universe responds by giving us experiences to be what we decided to be.
  9. repeat…

The second path looks like the longer one, but it can all happen in an instant.

I spent the day at Synchronicity Healing Center yesterday. The experience was very much what I thought and felt it would be. Marcus, the owner, is a true and gifted healer and creator. His store, his healing center, his ‘family’ and his business are all beautiful and lovely. It feels good there and there is plenty they have to offer you. If you’re in the area, check them out. And they now carry copies of Journey to the Temple of Ra!

I was happy to be there, and I will be back.

Yes, you can be what you want to be in an instant. But if you need practice, that’s OK too. The Universe is here to support you within every step of the journey.


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