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Crossing the Bottom of the Sky

Right now, we are in the middle of a triple conjunction in Scorpio including Venus, Saturn, and the North Node of the moon. The North Node is not an object and is thus invisible, but both Venus and Saturn are visible and can be seen sitting next to each other just above the western horizon shortly after sunset. Tonight, Venus and Saturn set about 90 minutes after the sun. Their exact conjunction is at 3:53 pm CDT, so tonight is the best time to look for them. If you head out about 30-45 minutes after sunset, you ought to be able see them assuming you have clear skies. Venus will be easy enough to find; Saturn should be just above and to the right of it.

This triple conjunction is extremely significant to me personally. That is because it sits right on my Natal IC (Imum Coeli meaning bottom of the sky).

  • The Nodes of the moon are pretty much retrograde at all times. In the first hours of Monday morning, the North Node crossed my IC (from my 4th house to my 3rd). This means that the South Node crossed my MC (mid-heaven) from my 10th house to my 9th.
  • Last night at around 9:00 pm, Saturn crossed my IC for the third time this year. This is the last pass for nearly 30 years. Saturn will crawl through my 4th house for the next 2 ½ years or so.
  • And this afternoon, 83 minutes before the exact conjunction between Venus and Saturn, Venus will cross my IC and head into my 4th house as well.

The IC is THE lowest point in the chart. It is analogous to one’s first chakra. If you think of the IC-MC axis as one’s backbone, then the IC is the Sacrum. Saturn crossing this point could easily be experienced as a swift kick in the butt. Thankfully, Venus’ influence has kept it gentle.

Because the lunar nodes oppose each other, this triple conjunction is actually four simultaneous transits for me. I can assure you that I’ve been feeling them all.

The South Node packs a lot of history inside of it. As this imaginary orb crossed my mid-heaven, I found myself walking the streets (and driving the highways) of my youth. Even though my visit north is a yearly event, this time was a little different. For example, last Thursday, I took my parents to the beach. A passing storm had us seeking shelter at the nearby snack bar. While we sat there, songs from my teenage years played on the radio. The South Node high in my chart was reminding me of my history…song by song.

In most visits, I get to see my three closest friends in the Northeast. This year, however, I also got to reconnect with a childhood best friend who I hadn’t seen or talked to in 27 years or so! And before you think this was just due to the South Node crossing my MC, consider this: this friend is an early Scorpio, which places his sun in my 3rd house—the house of siblings. The day we reconnected, the South Node was finishing its work in my 10th house while Saturn was finishing its work in my 3rd. How apropos that the Universe brought a “brother” back into my life! 29 years is a Saturn cycle, and 29 years ago our paths began to diverge.

A week ago Monday, I did a group reading organized by one of my friends. This time, four of my high school classmates attended, which was half of the group (and twice the norm)!

Now let’s consider the two nodes working together on my angles. The South Node, at my mid-heaven, was clear. Its influence was conspicuous. It was literally reconnecting me to my roots. At the same time, I was beginning my book tour and connecting with healing centers that will surely be a part of my future. That part was the North Node and Saturn working on my IC. And, both of my actual siblings were involved too! One was taking care of my little girl (my kitty) and the other was supporting and promoting me (my services and my books) within her sphere of influence. In fact, many of my non-blood “siblings” were supporting me (Saturn) and loving me (Venus) all the while helping me walk into my future (North Node).

And now that the North Node has moved into my 3rd house, it is bringing new “brothers” and “sisters” into my life. I have a feeling there will be plenty of time coming to connect (and reconnect), and to develop and support each other in our journeys.

In three consecutive days, an orb or two has crossed between the left and right hemispheres of my chart. From the top of my head to the seat of my pants, I am being connected to my past and my future and guided along the path between them.

By the way, the trip was a complete success by my measure. All of the books shipped north have either sold, or been placed on shelves for sale. AND I did more readings in a single week than I think I have ever done before.

As this triple conjunction peaks and then unwinds, consider your journey, your path, and your life. The conjunction might not be sitting on one of your angles, but it is somewhere in your chart. If you’re reeling or just curious, we can walk through your chart(s) and see what’s up.

To close, I want to thank all of my friends and family (both old and new) for all of their support—with my work and with my book, in my past and in my future. Big Hugs to all of you and thank you, thank you, thank you!


4 thoughts on “Crossing the Bottom of the Sky”

  1. David! I saw Nikki last week! She was amazing. Apparently I need to work on my root chakra – very interesting timing…. And then the next night I literally ran into my childhood best friend who just moved back to Austin and I hadn’t seen in years…!! Anyway, I am still always beyond amazed at how all these seemingly unrelated things line up, and how I manage to read your articles at just the right time to bring it all together for me 😉 Hope all is well with you! Much love XO


  2. Hello & thank-you for this – my angles are similar to yours and the conjunction between saturn and north node was exact on my IC also – on the day of my solar return! So I feel that it is quite important for my journey also. Am absorbing as much interpretation around it as I can. 🙂


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