The word sensitive has two connotative meanings. Consider the following two sentences:

  1. My new camera is so sensitive, I can take pictures in the dark without a flash.
  2. My girlfriend is so sensitive right now, everything I say sets her off.

When someone is sensitive, they have an acute ability to perceive. When they are over-sensitive, they are overly affected by their perceptions.

I assert that these are one in the same. The only way we are able to perceive is by effect. Consider the way our senses work. Our eyes and ears take in vibrations. Receptors are stimulated—and thus affected. Our brains then interpret the effects thus creating a perception of images and sounds.

Keep in mind that we never see or hear what is. Rather we see and hear an approximation based on our own interpretation.

Part of the spiritual journey of ascension or enlightenment is the increasing of one’s sensitivity—that is, one’s ability to sense. However, the other part of the spiritual journey is learning to handle the increase in sensitivity—that is, learning to adjust to the added stimulation.

We all know that too much heat or too much cold causes pain. If we become more sensitive to temperature, wouldn’t that mean that we’d feel pain sooner…with less heat or less cold?

In my opinion, now is a good time of the year to discuss sensitivity. That is because the sun is about to enter the sign of Pisces, which it does at about noon CST on Tuesday 2/18/2014.

In Astrology, there are two charts one can use to do personal readings. The first is what I call the Rising Sign chart. This is the standard natal chart where the position of the Ascendant is whatever degree of whatever sign was rising in the East at the moment the person was born. For example, consider my chart. I was born at 11:02 am on 5/26/1968. 17o 57’ Leo was thus on the Ascendant. The sun, in Gemini at the time, was therefore in the 10th house.

What’s interesting about this form of Astrology, is the house placement colors everything. My 10th house sun means I am an honorary Capricorn (ruler of the 10th house). Everyone therefore has a primary sun sign, and a secondary sun sign (which could be the same sign).

Sun Sign Astrology is a simpler view. The houses are always whole signs starting with the sun sign. In my case, that means my sun sign of Gemini is the first house. That also means that the sun is in my first house.

In Sun Sign Astrology, the sun is ALWAYS in the first house, by definition. By this measure, that means that everyone has a tertiary sun sign of Aries.

By comparison, let’s consider the moon. We don’t anchor either chart off of the moon. In my case, I have a Taurus moon. It sits in the 10th house in my rising sign chart, and the 12th house in my sun sign chart. That means my secondary moon sign is Capricorn, and my tertiary moon sign is Pisces. I only recently began to really understand the complexity of my emotionality by considering all three of these signs.

It gets pretty complex when you consider the triplicity of all planets in a chart.

The other day, I was thinking about this tertiary Aries sun that we all have in common and why that might be. Well, I think I figured it out. The one thing we all have in common is having been born into duality and into a physical body. Astrology is, after all, determined by the moment of birth.

All of us are clearly individuals…and Aries is the sign of individuality. It is the sign of seeking oneself and expressing oneself, something we are all here to do.

Furthermore, since we all have a bit of Aries within us, we all have a bit of Pisces as our 12th house. The 12th house is about the unseen. (That which is beyond the physical? The metaphysical?) In my thinking, the 12th house is all about the subtle vibrations we experience and how they affect us. It is therefore about sensitivity!

On Tuesday, the sun enters the sign (and, in this view, house) of sensitivity.

I have lots more to say, but I will do so bit-by-bit to keep posts shorter. If any of this sounds interesting to you, stay tuned…


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