Breaking Out

My parents live in New England and they often say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” Texas winters are very much like that too. Yesterday, the low was 26. Today, the high is supposed to be 79.

I equate Astrology to the weather and if you don’t like the way things have been going for you, wait a minute. Between now and Sunday at 10:30 am CST, three planets will change direction; we’ll begin a new lunar month; and the calendar will flip as well. That’s a lot of change in a short time.

And it’s not as if things have been stagnant of late either. I can’t say I see rapid and sweeping changes for everyone around me, but I do see movement in places that were seemingly stuck for a while. Even in my life, things are shifting and changing in ways I could not have foreseen weeks ago.

When Mercury Retrograde began, I predicted that the greater angst would occur when Mercury was in Pisces. Well, I was sort of right and sort of wrong. For me personally, Mercury Retro in Pisces felt awful. It was depressing, frustrating, and bleak. Mercury Retro in Aquarius has been active and…I have to admit…humorous. The miscommunications alone are worth a good laugh! Surely you’ve heard of some major blunders out there and I’ve had some of my own. And I can’t tell you how many times a pone call I had been waiting for all morning came right when I was in the shower. My Internet went down, and emails failed to go through or showed up two or three times when sent only once.

Looking back, this all makes sense. We probably should have guessed that Mercury Retro would be especially impish in Aquarius. I have observed for a while that Aquarian types have a unique sense of humor (and I am not just talking about those with sun in Aquarius). If you’re ruled by Uranus, the planet that sits on its side relative to all the rest, then you are one who does not follow someone else’s rules.

And, I do say, we need more of that around here. Rules are fear based…and they are getting a little out of control. Notice we only like rules when they are applied to someone else.

In less than 20 minutes from typing this line, Mercury will station direct. At 10:24 am CST tomorrow, Mars will station retrograde…beginning his journey toward the Grand Cross. Then, almost exactly 24 hours after that, Saturn will also station retrograde (10:20 am CST Sunday). Mars will go direct in May, but Saturn will not do so until July.

Even though all of these Astrological changes are still pending, I think they have already mixed things up quite a bit. In the past 24 hours, many things shifted and changed and turned out differently than I expected. Things that seemed doomed to be lose-lose-lose, worked themselves out.

After keen observation, I think we are in the midst of two overlapping themes:

  1. Things are moving in ways that cannot be predicted;
  2. The drive, intent, or purpose is to help us break out of old patterns.

The unexpected forces us out of the dreamy, drowsy reality we sometimes find ourselves in. How often do you arrive at a Friday evening only vaguely remembering the entire week before? Nothing stands out, because the week flowed by just like any other. You got up at the expected times. Your workday dragged on or flew by…just like expected. You had brief moments of ease and scattered moments of joy, but no more than the week before.

Then bam! Curve ball after curve ball can throw you completely off course. Then you have to pay attention…you have to think. You panic because you’re totally out of your comfort zone.

The panic reveals to you the old, old patterns. But you are not that old, old person…well you are older (ha ha), but you are wiser! You have learned a lot since those old days, and now the Universe is simply giving you opportunities to apply that new knowledge.

Many people thought that 12/21/2012 would bring in the Golden Age or at least a whole new one. But think about this:

Imagine you are someone who lived your whole life on a small Pacific Island completely isolated and unaware of the rest of the world—no Internet, no electricity. Nearly every person on the island is someone you know…or at least know of.

Then, one day, you get teleported to the middle of Paris, France. The croissants are the best things you’ve ever smelled or placed on your tongue. The buildings, the river, the music, the people are all beautiful in ways you have not seen before.

But come on…would you stand there in awe and wonder? Or would you be frightened beyond anything you’d experienced before?

Life is indeed changing. I think it has already changed tremendously. But until we learn the new languages, and acclimate to the new processes, we are going to be scared.

So practice what you’ve learned. Try one thing and then the next. I’m sure something is going to work. And then watch. You’ll see things shift…right before your eyes. You’ll feel panic, and then watch it relax. You’ll feel anger, and then watch it dissipate. You’ll think you’re totally doomed, and then watch it fall into place.

And you’ll look back and agree that it is different than it used to be. No, the gold is still not exactly apparent. The dreams are not falling into our laps as we may have hoped. But there is evidence out there. It may take a bit of effort to see it, but if you look at your life objectively, you will find it. You will find those things that have become easier than they used to be. You will find the support.

Life might flow very differently in March than it did in February. And April can be quite different from that. Keep practicing your practice, and keep looking for evidence of progress and ease.


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