Lawn Mowers and Chainsaws

On March 5th, Jupiter stationed direct in Cancer. This is significant for a few reasons.

First, this sets us up for the Grand Cross in April. With Jupiter moving forward, all planets are now applying—that is to say that they are all moving toward aspects with each other. The tension and pressure…so to speak…will grow until it releases on 4/22/2014.

Another significance to Jupiter’s change of direction is that we are now full steam ahead toward Leo. Jupiter spends only about one year in a sign. Now that he is moving forward, he will complete his time in Cancer (and whatever house that represents in your chart) and move into Leo on July 15th.

Let’s make this a bit more specific. Suppose that you are a Libra or Libra Rising. This places Jupiter in your 10th house…the house of career and public image. Jupiter passing through the 10th house is, for the most part, a good thing…especially here. Who wouldn’t want some expansion (advancement) in their career? If you are a Libra or Libra Rising, keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities between now and mid-summer. This Grand Cross can bring about some chaos, but even within Chaos, opportunities arise. Door will fly open, they just might not stay open for very long.

I will say this—Jupiter is moving forward, but will not be moving very quickly for a while. It is at 10 degrees and change today. On April 22, the day of the Grand Cross, it will be at 13 degrees and change. But then it will cross the rest of Cancer by July.

And do remember that Mars is moving backward until May 19th and will square Jupiter in April. Progress may not look like progress until the weather warms…but stay the course.

For whatever reason, the Universe has been reminding me of the way things seem to operate. We work and work and work…for years…to achieve desired results. Sometimes, we get nearly nothing the whole time…no kudos, no evidence of success.

And then…seemingly over night…it all changes. The vehicle, which is our life, lunges forward.

It’s like a lawnmower or a chainsaw. Those things can be nearly impossible to start at times, but once they get going, they are formidable machines.

And we have to keep pulling that damn handle. Are we wasting our time and energy? It can feel like it. Do we need to let it rest some? Definitely! But then we have to pull it again. The only way it will start is from a good strong pull; we just don’t know which one will do the trick.

So, despite what any Astrologer may tell you, give the handle a pull when you are inclined to do so. Maybe it won’t start this time…or the next. But you gotta give it a try.

April twenty-second’s Grand Cross may be tense and challenging, but it is Cardinal. That means it is meant to get things moving. Mars’ prods can hurt…that stick being sharp…but it does get us out of a rut.

Power tools do their jobs well, but they have to be handled with care and attention. Cardinal Grand Crosses are just the same.

*   *   *

Below is a sample chart I would use in a Transit Reading. It shows the Grand Cross overlaid on a natal chart with aspected planets highlighted. Note that this person has late Virgo on the Ascendant, which aligns the same as one with Libra Rising with regards to the Grand Cross.



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