It’s in the Cards

“Will I succeed? Is it in the cards?”

I can’t decide what is more interesting: the Tarot itself or how people react to them. Some people do not want to make the smallest decisions without consulting the cards. Others think they are the work of the Devil. [I actually had someone say that to me once!]

Speaking of the Devil, the Tarot card by that name, my interpretation of that card is possibly different than others. To me, the Devil is about the entanglements of life in a physical world. As powerful as the metaphysical may be, real life does have tenacity. Some problems can and do disappear overnight, but others are quite sticky. Good advice in this situation is to make peace with where you are…to stop thrashing or pulling on the chains and let the Universe guide out of your sticky situation.

The best information, in my opinion, comes from the intuitive…but we have to start somewhere. People do often wonder what’s in the cards for them. They also want to know what’s written in the stars.

It is funny how these phrases—in my mind—specifically refer to Tarot and Astrology, but are often used by people who do not believe in Tarot or Astrology.

These days, it seems that people are more interested in Astrology than the Tarot. Maybe it’s because of technology. Tarot is so Nineteenth Century—ha ha. I mean…cards? We don’t even play card games with cards any more?!? But we are exploring the Universe more now than ever. We are finding planets everywhere we look…even in our own Solar System. [Well, maybe not planets, per se…] True modern Astrologers use all sorts of objects in their readings now…far beyond what I can even touch at this point.

But let’s say that a few of you, who have been studying Astrology for some time now, are curious about the use of cards.  Let’s say you have a secret wish to know the Tarot, but don’t want to learn a whole new system. And let’s say that…at times…you wish you could simply shuffle, throw down a few cards, and then get some quick information without having to draw up a chart and research and investigate it. Well, I have a solution just for you!

In the past few months, I have come to know about the Holistic Astrological Cards created by Karni Zor and Illustrated by Maya Toby. Interestingly, before I ever knew of them, I fantasized about them. I imagined what it would be like to do a card Reading with Astrology symbols. I then heard of the Holistic Astrological Cards, but only got to try them out months later (and after forgetting all about them).

This is how it went down. I was hanging out with a new-ish friend, when an issue came up. It involved three of us actually.

In passing, I said, “I wish I had my cards with me. I would do a reading to get a better understanding of what’s going on.”

My friend replied with, “I have something I think you’ll be able to use.” He wandered into the other room, and then returned with Karni’s deck in hand.

My eyes lit up! I was very excited to break into them. I was more interested in the experience than the information sought. And the results were amazing! Astrology is just as archetypal as Tarot.

The synchronicities and coincidences abounded! For example, I pulled the Mercury card alongside the Neptune card…and in the sky, the planets just so happened to be conjunct at that time.

But this was the most amazing part…and it took a while before I saw it. In the reading, I pulled the Mars card with the 3rd house card. In the sky, Mars was (and still is) in Libra. But the 3rd house is going to be different for each individual. So I simply read it symbolically and didn’t consider the actually Astrology happening in the sky.

But then I got it! In this one case, Mars was transiting the 3rd house for all three of us!!! You see, two of us have Leo on the Ascendant, and the third has sun in Leo. That means one way or the other, all three of us have Libra, and thus transiting Mars, in the 3rd house.

After seeing that, I figured out the whole situation at a much deeper level. It was multilayered and multidimensional. It was the Perfection of the Universe at play!

After that amazing reading, I purchased my own deck (via: I have only just recently had the opportunity to use them professionally.

In a most recent example, I examined a set of client charts. I was reading for multiple people, so the amount of data I was perusing was vast. I decided to use the cards to focus my study. Actually and more accurately, I used to the cards to validate the focus I had already deemed.

In the card reading, Jupiter showed up with Cancer…and…as you know…Jupiter is currently transiting Cancer. In fact, at that time it had just stationed direct in Cancer!

The cards also highlighted Libra as the Ascendant. One person I was reading for was a Libra, and the other a Libra Rising! So Libra on the Ascendant worked for both!

Yesterday’s post…as you may recall…mentioned transiting Jupiter in Cancer in the 10th house, the result of putting all of these pieces together (and then interpreting them).

If you are an Astrologer, amateur or professional, and have an interest in using cards for one reason or the other, I whole heartedly recommend Karni’s deck. I have been completely convinced of their usefulness. FullSizeRender 6Here’s the link again; go check them out:

Karni also has a Facebook page for the deck:

For the record, I have no intention of giving up use of my Tarot decks or star charts. Karni’s cards simply fit it nicely as another beautiful tool for my belt!


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