Strong Emotion

I would like to share with you a ‘thing’ that I do.

It starts with two events: a purely personal experience that coincides with a public happening. The catch is they have to have the same vibe. Yesterday holds an example.

In the morning, I logged on to pay my bills. I noticed my cell phone bill was higher than it should have been. When I looked into it, I found that AT&T charged me a $5 late fee because I underpaid by $0.20. I was enraged by the injustice of it all, so I pick up the phone, called them, and read them the riot act.

I didn’t feel better. Instead, I started thinking about all of the traps of this modern life: “The System” and how it takes advantage of us…us sensitive individuals.

Although I wasn’t angry the whole day, more events added to the pile…more examples of people lying, cheating, and taking advantage. I guess it wore me out, because I retired a bit earlier than usual.

At 1:00 am, I was awake again. A stress dream woke me with a start. I felt as if it were morning and was disappointed to find that I was hours away from it. So I pulled out the iPad and started reading the news. [You know I’m not in a great mood when I do that.]

And that’s when I learned about all of the activity in Missouri.

My first thought was to look at the current Astrology to see what was going on. Clearly, there is a vibe of feeling fed up with social injustice…and it is aggressive.

I figured that the moon was in Aries, but then reasoned that the moon passes through Aries every month, so there had to be more. Next I thought: check on Pluto and Mars.

Sure enough, the moon entered Aries yesterday morning at 8:05 am CDT. That was just before my rant. So I felt it immediately. Furthermore, Mars was about 61 degrees from Pluto at that time. Mars was applying toward sextile and still is. When Mars and Pluto join in these ways, it is hard to hold one’s temper. I have noticed this repeatedly.

Last night, the moon was approaching 11 degrees Aries, which means it was applying toward a square to Pluto (and is still applying toward a conjunction to Uranus). Retrograde Uranus is slowly applying toward another square with Pluto, and last night’s moon got right in the middle of it.

Furthermore, the north node of the moon is in Libra these days, and Libra is the sign of (social) justice.

Adding all of this together, we have strong emotion, a lot of aggression, and an urge toward correcting social injustice. That sounds about right to me. I felt it, and so do a lot of people.

I now want to take a step back and look at Robin Williams’ chart a bit more. When I first heard of his death, I intuitively knew it had something to do with the Dark Moon. And, as I mentioned the other day [in Light and Shadow], the Dark Moon was transiting his Pluto at the time of his death. Truth be told, I now think Robin fulfilled a part of his life purpose through his death.

Robin was born with Pluto in Leo in the 10th house. He also had Scorpio on the Ascendant. That means Pluto was the ruler of his chart for two reasons: being highest in his chart and being ruler of the ascendant. [Robin’s sun, in the 9th, is slightly closer to his MC, so technically, Pluto is second highest.]

At the time of Robin’s death, three planets sat on or near his Pluto: sun, Mercury, and the Dark Moon. Since the 10th house has high visibility, it is not a surprise that the news of his death traveled as fast as it did. The nature of his death revealed his struggle. His death has indeed sparked much conversation. If he had died in a more natural way, the conversations about depression, mental illness, and suicide would not have happened.

Robin’s death touched us deeply. His Natal Piscean moon is conjunct the north node. It was his destiny to live a deeply empathic life. [Refer back to this article for more on Pisces and feelings: A Beating Heart.] And, since he died while the moon was in Pisces, we all got to feel it more than we would have otherwise.

More transits: Jupiter in Leo currently sits right on Robin’s MC, expanding the exposure of the whole situation. And Mars, transiting his first house, was applying sextile to Pluto transiting his 3rd house, adding fuel to (and taking action on) a transformative idea that he was surely pondering for some time. No one commits suicide the first time they think of it.

Robin’s Chiron is conjunct the galactic center and aspects his Pluto. I have a feeling that many distraught people will get a bit more help in the future than they would have, thanks to the exposure produced by this happening. I keep thinking about the Tarot card: the Hanged Man, which is about creative sacrifice. It is literal, but applies in meaning too. Maybe, through his sacrifice, solutions will be found a bit faster, helping countless others.

Some time ago, I did a Tarot reading for a woman. Through the reading, I came to find out that a friend of hers had recently committed suicide. She had been trying to help him with his struggle, and felt like she failed since it ended badly.

But, again, the cards told a different story. The cards compared and contrasted what she felt to what he felt (on the other side). She felt sad; he felt joy. She assumed failure; he saw only success.

At the end of the reading, she confessed that everything I said to her was, in fact, what he was saying to her from the other side. She was able to communicate with him directly, but had a hard time believing it. The reading thus validated her experience.

Robin struggled in ways that many of us struggle. He came into this life with an acute ability to feel: both love and pain. There is a lot of pain out there.

People question how a man, who seemingly had everything, could choose to leave like that. I do not. I not only see pain everywhere I look, but I feel it as well. It is all a bit much…

More and more, I have to avoid images, videos, and articles because they haunt me for days. Even movies can cause me to reel. I don’t have moon in Pisces, but I have a moon that is in the sign that precedes my sun sign, and this gives it Piscean overtones, which are very strong these days.

The thing that brings me joy, right now, is seeing such an outpouring of love for Robin. Everyone is reminiscing on what a great man he was. In my opinion, how he died does not take that away.

Robin’s chart:


[Robin was born at 1:34 pm. I believe it was CDT, which translates to 12:34 CST.]





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