Pisces Full Moon

Pisces is the sign of compassionate love, and the Pisces Full Moon chart has that theme written all over it.

Here in La Mesa, CA, the moon rises just minutes after being exactly full. It’s less than 30 degrees from perigee, so the moon will appear larger than average. Look for the rising full moon right around sunset.

Moments before the moon exactly opposes the sun, it joins Chiron. Two weeks ago, I mentioned that the new moon brought our attention to our wounds so that we could heal them. The full moon now helps us support others within their journeys.Piscesfullmoon2014

The sun-moon opposition forms the backbone of a kite when we add in: Saturn, Vesta, Juno, and Chiron. Saturn, as we know, reminds us of our responsibilities. Juno focuses the subject on marriage—not the soul mate, romantic love aspect of marriage, but the domestic partnership aspect of marriage. Vesta stimulates our dedication to the subject. The Grand Trine, when taken together, summarizes a good foundation for a partnership.

Picture your perfect relationship. Is your partner compassionate, dedicated, supportive, and caring? Does he or she inspire all of those same qualities within you?

For many, painting a picture of one’s dream is easy. The hard part is putting one’s self in the scene. In this Kite, the sun (with its opposition to the moon) adds tension to the flow; it stimulates purpose; it eggs us on.

When I cast the new moon chart, I placed the sun and moon in the first house. This full moon chart simply uses my current location, and just happens to place the opposition along the first-seventh house pole. This axis represents me-versus-you. In a partnership, we often must balance our own wants and needs with those of our partner. We can lose our identity, autonomy, or individuality within the partnership. To maintain happiness, the ends must meet. Right now, I don’t think that will be difficult.

The month of Virgo 2014, as a whole, seems to highlight the healing of self in one way or another. The full moon gives us plenty of energy to help support others in their healing. There’s a synergy here. Whatever time and energy you spend supporting a friend or partner right now will directly support your own healing, contentment, and evolution, so long as you utilize all that is energetically available to you.

There are times to retreat, and there are times to connect. This is a time to connect.


1 thought on “Pisces Full Moon”

  1. OMG!! David, your blog is right on, I am a Pisces, who just underwent important surgery on Sept 2 and I am extremely fortunate to be convalescing at a friend’s house…she is taking such great care of me, there are no words to really describe this except utmost gratitude 🙂
    Healing is the word in a multitude of ways…and to add to this…my name is Healy 🙂 Thank you David for the great work!!


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