At times, manifestation is as easy as one-two-three: intention, connection, creation. This year, it seems we’re being asked to take a slightly different route.

If you look back on my last post of 2014, you will see that I ended it by saying: “…celebrate the passing of another year, and then put the waxing, Capricorn energy to work for you.” In general, this is sound advice.

Take, for instance, the New Year’s Resolution. Yes, many—possibly even most—may struggle maintaining these resolutions past the end of February, but we do tend to get them started and in a big way. In early January, we are determined to turn over a new leaf. After the long break from our day-to-day lives, we are anxious to get back to it and to make it better than ever.

And this is very Capricorny. Cardinal Earth wants to move and productively so. It wants to build…and from scratch. True Capricorns are self-starters, and are good at motivating others. In many ways, they are leaders.

So let me ask this: how many of you feel frustrated right now? Energized, but without direction? Motivated, but lacking a starting point? Rearing to go, but with shackles holding you back?

Clearly, this is how I feel. The day Saturn moved into Sagittarius, I caught a cold. It hasn’t been severe, but it is taking a while to clear. I’m starting to feel a little stir crazy waiting for it to fully go away.

On top of that, look at the calendar. New Year’s Day fell on a Thursday. That means the typical back to work day (January 2nd) fell on a Friday—a poor day to start something new.

In theory, this year is a perfect year to take a long weekend to continue the holiday. But then look at what Mother Nature dished out. The whole US of A is cold right now. Unless you opted for a ski vacation, you’re probably wishing for a bit more warmth and/or sun. I know I am!

Looking at the planets, the vibe become clearer. In a nutshell, it’s not pretty up there. Yesterday, the sun exactly squared Uranus—officially entering the Uranus-Pluto Square. It will then conjunct Pluto today. On January 1, the year started with Aquarian Mars opposite Jupiter in Leo.

Squares and oppositions feel like they are good at building only two things: tension and frustration. One would have hoped that at least Saturn entering Sagittarius would have set us free in some way, but as soon as Saturn entered the sign, he began, in earnest, building toward a square with Neptune. We are clearly not out of the woods. I see examples all around me.

So, Astrologically speaking, that Capricorn initiative is not exactly free to carry us forward…at least not yet. So what may be the purpose of this? Luckily, spirit is talking and has sound advice.

At the start of this post, I described one-two-three as intention, connection, and creation. —tion words, for the most part, imply action or at least a somewhat active state of being. To me, there is radiance there. If someone across the room is within a —tion, you can feel it. Consider the following examples: meditation, elation, contemplation, frustration, inspiration, anticipation, participation, etc.

What spirit said to me the other day relates to all of these —tions, but mainly: intention.

Cardinal energy (Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, and Libra) relates to the idea of projection, not the psychological concept, but rather the radiating of energy. Cardinal energy is about pushing out what is inside. With Capricorn, it is often literally the creating (or building) of something physical. The idea and desire inside then becomes something constructed outside.

This year, the Universe has its foot on our coat tails. We are guided to not rush into it. We are beseeched to be clear in our intention before stepping into action.

Intention is a tricky word to talk about. It is subtle, yet ever-present. So often, we are not intellectually clear about our intentions. We have not yet learned to be ever-aware of our intentions. Too often, we act as we have acted before without really asking ourselves why.

And sometimes it is simply impatience. We act because sitting around can be difficult.

Guidance on manifestation tells us to be clear about what, and to let go of how. If we are clear about what we want, the Universe will show us (and walk us through) the how. When we spend time thinking about how we’ll attain our goals, we can get overwhelmed, frustrated, or depressed. So forgot how for a moment, and focus on what.

But then also ask why. Don’t simply ask why you want what you want, but also ask why you do what you do. Sometimes you have to keep asking why to get to the bottom of it (to the root).

The start of 2015: the calendar, the weather, and the astrology all are in alignment pressing firmly on the pause button. An adage for right now is:

Before you jump in and try, consider why.

Look to see if you are, in fact, aligned with your intended intentions.

Intention, like meditation, is an active form of inaction. Action follows intention, and is born of it. You don’t need to be intent, you already are! Every minute of every day, you have strong intention to be something else or something more. Where we go wrong is when we lose sight of our heart-felt intentions and follow the lesser (purely intellectual) ones.

For example, we can often have a strong intention to win and a strong intention to be right. Underneath, we likely have a strong intention to feel good (or at least better), and both winning and being right do feel better. But at some point, we have to let go of a quick fix (that doesn’t last) for a more permanent solution (vibration).

Here’s another example: many of us have a strong intention to succeed, but have a hard time describing in detail what success is and how it feels.

And finally, there is this one thing I think about a lot. So many of us do A to get B. Often, we think the only way to get B is via A. Here’s some examples:

  • We do work to get money.
  • We go to the grocery store to get food.
  • We diet to lose weight.
  • We work out in a gym to strengthen our muscles.

Sometimes we simply do not want to do A, and yet we still want B.

If you really think about it, you could probably find examples of people who have B and did not do A to get there.

If you’re feeling stuck, inhibited, ornery and unwilling to do A to get B, take advantage of the time out. Find something that exists in your life seemingly for free. Use it as an example.

2015 has started officially, and continues to unfold. Today already feels different than yesterday (when I started this post).

Best wishes to a feel good, successful 2015…and abundant clarity of what success specifically means to you!


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