Full Moon Enters Stage Left

After last month’s rather intense full moon in Cancer, some are probably wondering what this month has in store.

You may recall that last time, I didn’t write about the full moon until after the fact. It basically kicked my butt and I had to look up the chart. In response to my article, one of my readers wrote to tell me that she cried and cried that day for no apparent reason. Another described how uncomfortable she felt that day.

I expect this month’s full moon to be over the top, theatrical, and dramatic. I’m sure we’ll get some good stories out of it. The reason? This is not only a full moon in Leo, but is also conjunct Jupiter.


Rather than cast the chart for the full moon itself, I decided to cast a chart for the moon-Jupiter conjunction, which occurs six hours later. Notice that the moon and Jupiter fill up the 10th house. In fact, they are the only true objects in the sky at that time. The north node, Lilith, and the Vertex are all virtual points.

Given the full moon, we, of course, have an opposition with the sun. That opposition peeks at about 15 degrees Aquarius/Leo. Like last month, the Uranus-Pluto square aspects the moon-sun opposition again. The aspects are weaker, but still tight. Just like last month, the full moon will pull in and express (release) some of that background tension.

Notice that Chiron and Mars both aspect the sun and moon as well. Chiron is very tight with the moon-sun opposition, while Mars nearly exactly aspects the moon-Jupiter conjunction.

The full moon is Tuesday night. Mars slinks past Chiron in Pisces this Saturday. When a faster planet wizzes past a slower one, it picks up some of the slower planet’s energy. Since Mars likes to put whatever it has into action, it will help us express our Chiron—our long lasting wounds and healing. Since Mars aspects the moon-Jupiter conjunction nearly to the arc minute, it will funnel all of that Pisces feeling into Leo expressing. This is, ultimately healing, at least for the expressers. If we’re the one witnessing the show, we’ll have to do our best to keep from taking it on.

In the Austin chart for this event, Mars, Chiron, and Venus sit in the 5th house, an expressive, creative house associated with Leo—more drama, more show.

Last month, many of us felt all of the emotion. Some of us expressed it, but likely in the privacy of our own homes. This month, I expect the emoting to happen on stages big and small. We’ll likely witness the outbursts on TV and the Internet. Looking at this chart, it’s hard to imagine this full moon passing without over the top emoting all around. I guess we’ll see.

My advice to you is this: if you have a lot to say and express, let it out. No point in trying to hold back the storm. If you’re a witness to the emoting, let it fly passed you. Don’t take it on, don’t pull it in. Don’t egg it on either, just let it flow and let it go.

Jupiter has tremendous gravity. The one emoting will too. Be a moon and orbit around it, otherwise you’ll be pulled right into the eye of the storm.

But no worries if you do get pulled in. Maybe you have some expressing to do as well.

On a different note, I would like to share some star gazing opportunities with this event and another in the near future. The moon and Jupiter are conspicuous objects. On Tuesday, pray for clear skies and mild temps, because shortly after sunset, the moon and Jupiter will rise in the east side-by-side.

On the other side of the sky, I’m sure you’ve notice Venus shining brightly after sunset. Last month, she helped up spot Mercury. Next month she’ll help us spot Mars.

Today, Mars is about three or four fingers above Venus. After the sun sets and the sky dims, find Venus in the sky. Extend your arm all the way out, hold four fingers together right above Venus, and you’ll find the red man. Well each day between now and February 21st, the two will get closer and closer.

For those of you who are wondering where Saturn is, you have to wait until the early morning hours to see it above the horizon in the dark. It rises and sets about 5 hours before the sun.

Feel free to let me know how this full moon is for you!


2 thoughts on “Full Moon Enters Stage Left”

  1. hi david! what would that sky look like in india? here for the next week- noticing the moon’s crescent has been like cheshire cat! rather than typical north/south orientation thx! annie

    Sent from Samsung Mobile


    1. As one moves to different latitudes (north and south), the moon appears to rotate. This is most noticeable during the crescent phase. The same happens with the full moon, but you have to pay attention to the markings on the moon to notice.

      Because India is half the planet away in longitude, the moon and Jupiter will be slightly further apart when they rise on Tuesday evening.


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