Holding Back the Sea

Once each year, the Earth passes directly between the two most gravitational bodies in our solar system: the sun and Jupiter. This happens today just past high noon Central Standard Time.

Given the time of the occurrence, the opposition between these massive bodies occurs along the vertical axis of the chart. In my opinion, the effects will be indirect…but pervasive. Like the noonday sun, you probably won’t look up directly at it much, but you will be well aware it is there.

Sun Opposite Jupiter

When I tune into this chart, it is hard to look at any aspect individually. The chart is very connected…entangled…and complex.

For example, consider the following:

  • Jupiter occupies the sign ruled by the sun.
  • The sun occupies the sign classically ruled by Saturn.
  • Saturn occupies the sign ruled by Jupiter.
  • Venus rules the chart (given Taurus on the ascendant)…and resides in the sign classically ruled by Jupiter.

Then there’s this set of observations:

  • The sun is highest in the chart.
  • Jupiter is lowest.
  • Saturn sits on the descendant.

These four bodies (sun, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn)—the four brightest objects in the sky (not counting the moon)—are all significantly placed in the chart. Furthermore, the moon closely aspects the sun and Jupiter, and loosely opposes Venus. Venus’ next aspect partners include Uranus, Pluto, Chiron, and Jupiter all within the next few days.

When I take in this chart as a whole, I am reminded of Atlas, but instead of him holding up the Earth, I see him holding back the sea.

Oppositions polarize energy. There’s a bunch of it over here and a bunch of it over there. Both sides pull on us…attract our attention and desire. Being physical, temporal beings, we can’t easily focus on both sides at once.

  • Jupiter in Leo wants more; he wants it all; and he wants it right now.
  • Sun in Aquarius is interested in laying it all out in a plan: step one, then step two…
  • Mercury, let’s not forget him, is deep in his retrograde, saying: “Wait! You forgot about this over here and that over there.”

Meanwhile, there is a mass of emotion building in Pisces. Look: Mars, Psyche, Chiron, Venus, and Neptune! If you look close enough, you’ll notice that Nessus, a centaur asteroid, is at 29 Aquarius 58, two arc minutes from Pisces.

I, personally, feel a lot of this. It is discordant and disharmonious. I feel on the edge of something big, but that something feels like many things simultaneously.

  • I feel on the edge of tears.
  • I feel on the verge of busting out.
  • I feel hyper, over-caffeinated, and stuck.
  • I feel trepidation and impatience.
  • I’m afraid of what’s around the corner, but I want to get there already.
  • If the Universe doesn’t set me free soon, I feel as if I’ll explode.

There’s a reason I feel this so strongly. This sun-Jupiter opposition sits a mere 9 arc minutes from my exact ascendant. It is completely in my face!

And let’s not forget that this chart is only days after the full moon passed by Jupiter.

Months ago, Lilith caught and held my attention. As a result, I’m beginning to really understand her role and purpose. These days, Nessus is capturing my notice.

Lilith, Nessus, and Psyche are what I call pain points—indications of wounds. Unlike Lilith, Nessus and Psyche are real objects.

Lilith is an artifact of the Earth-moon cycle. There’s nothing there. However, when the moon joins or opposes Lilith, we have apogee or perigee respectively.

So with Lilith, we have a shadow of something else. It is not a true wound, or a direct wound, but we feel it nonetheless.

Nessus, I’m beginning to understand, is tied to an actual event. It’s like scar tissue that results from an injury. It kind of sort of doesn’t go away, but we can work on it and/or work around it.

Nessus, in this chart, is straight up, geometrically. It is almost exactly 90 degrees from the horizon. When you live in a body made of flesh, it is inevitable that you will get wounded at some point. Some wounds heal, and others stick around until we trade one body in for another.

If you look at the three pain points, notice that they are loosely opposing each other: primarily in Virgo-Pisces. Also consider that those two signs are most aligned with pain and healing.

To conclude: today, you might be feeling the tides of the ocean pressing upon you, but you simultaneously feel strong and impatient. You’ve been carrying a weight for a long time and want nothing more than to shed it. But you’d rather not cry it out right now.

All in do time. I am not one to look too far ahead in Astrology. That’s a bit too much to bear. But I do trust the process. Aries follows Pisces, so everything traipsing through Pisces now will end up in Aries eventually. If nothing else, Aries will push it through. You can count on that!


2 thoughts on “Holding Back the Sea”

  1. This explains a lot…I call this feeling, “The Call of the Wild” — like I feel restrained and want to go baying at the moon and TPing the neighbors trees and just let the id run free. And I’d rather do that than cry it out, because that feels like the other alternative, a cleansing cathartic breakdown. Either way it’s like building tension with no promise of release any time soon.


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