Aquari-Pisces New Moon

On February 18th, the sun and moon will rise in Aquarius and set in Pisces—for half of the US anyway. At 5:47 pm CST, the moon and sun will meet at 29 Aquarius 59. By 5:48, the moon will enter Pisces and before 5:49, the sun will. I think this is as cuspy a new moon as is possible.

I chose to cast a chart for that tiny moment between the new moon in Aquarius, and the moon’s ingress into Pisces. It shows that, technically speaking, this is our second new moon in Aquarius—not our first new moon in Pisces. [The next new moon is a solar eclipse that occurs one hour before the equinox. Whoa Nelly!]


The angles of this chart are almost precisely the same as my natal chart. I have a feeling that some of y’all will experience a bit of the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on.

Take, for example, Icarus at 25o Aquarius and less than 2o above the western horizon. Y’all know the story about the overly ambitious boy who flew too close to the sun and then paid the price when he crashed down to earth. I so wanted to write about that last weekend. I noticed it too late (and was falling from the sky at time). The fact that Icarus is setting in this chart tells me to write about it now. (And hopefully the worst of that is over.)

Let me share with you that chart from last week. It so stunned me, I stared at it agape for minutes. I cannot tell you how precisely it described my exact experience!


On Saturday, 2/7/2015 @ 7:00 am CST, Icarus reached the sun at 18 Aquarius 25. [My DSC is 17 Aquarius 47, by the way.] They both opposed Jupiter at that time…nearly exact. AND Nessus, in that very same moment, ingressed 0 Pisces 0.

Icarus, no surprise here, describes peak experiences. Like the tippity top of a mountain, it’s all down hill from there. Aquarius, ruler of the 11th house, holds our hopes, dreams, aspirations, and goals.

Nessus gives insight into our deepest wounds. That day, he entered Pisces, ruler of the 12th house—a Pandora’s box where past (life) Karma is hidden until healed.

Moments after this chart, the moon entered Libra where she feels compelled by justice and fairness. It’s what she wants, and she gets upset when it doesn’t happen.

Incidentally, the Mars shown here was exactly…to the arc minute…opposite my natal Pluto. Personal transits like that are energizing and explosive.

When you put all of these pieces together, you get an emotional rollercoaster to the highest extreme. One minute, you find your fingertips brushing the outer edge of a long held desire. The next moment, you see it stolen away unjustly. You crash; you burn; you rage; you throw your hands up…ready to quit even trying; and then you’re depressed. Oh…and by the way…lather, rinse, and repeat.

The Aquari-Pisces new moon chart holds a lot of that vibe, but less so. Icarus is setting. The further from the sun he gets, the less he burns.

However, the moon first, and later the sun will walk the full 30 degrees of Pisces. And look at the stockpile there! On 2/18, the entire span is covered from Nessus at 0o to Mars at 29o. The water bearer has been carrying an urn of water filled to the very brim. In fact, water had been flowing into that urn the whole time he’s been carrying it.

Half way between the one chart and the other, Mercury stopped regressing and initiated his second forward march through nearly all of Aquarius. Despite the ups and downs I experienced, I could clearly feel the different once Mercury pulled his one-eighty. During the upswings, things are now completing, and during the downswings, I’m not having to fix and redo everything.

Fitting for Pisces, Mercury will be going forward through old territory—a salmon swimming up stream, driven to traverse (transcend?) familiar waves.

For what it’s worth, I think the month of Pisces will be productive—not exactly easy, but productive. Consider it pre-spring-cleaning. Even y’all buried in snow in the Northeast, you can always work on your inside closets. Don’t forget: snow is water. You’re not swimming in it, but you’re inundated by it.

Before I finish, I want to point out one more asteroid shooting through the waters of Pisces. Tantalus is moving quickly. On 2/7, she was at 1o Pisces. On 2/18, she’ll already reach 12o. Tantalus teases us mercilessly. These days, we’re not merely attracted to her; we have feelings for her. Icarus flew all the way to the sun because he thought she was there. Intermittently, she tickles our wounds. We want her to heal them; we beg her.

She simply smiles impishly at our requests.

In the previous post, I wrote how Jupiter is holding back the sea. He still is. He is practically the only object on that side of the sky. I think he’s the one that keeps us from going under for too long.

If you have moments when you feel emotionally overwhelmed this next week, remind yourself that Mars is soon to escape the sea. On 2/19, he soars into his sign of rulership, Aries. Then, not a full day later, he pulls Venus out of the water with him. With that beautiful conjunction nigh, you can do it, you can do it, you can do it.


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