Virgo Full Moon

As an Intuitive Astrologer, I spend a fair amount of time doing psychic research. To give you an idea of what this is like, imagine you are sitting in a room that is completely dark. Someone then places an object in your hand. You feel the weight of it and consider what it is. You run your fingers over the surface, and feel it. You run through your memories pondering what you’ve felt in the past that was similar, and you speculate what is inside.

I do this with astrological objects and aspects. Over time, I have developed a catalog. However, there is much yet to be figured out.

Today is the Virgo Full Moon, which contrasts two very different vibrations. Pisces is a sign I know intimately. I understand the sun sign, the moon sign, the rising sign. I have had an extensive study.

Virgo is clear enough as a sun sign, but Virgo Moon still eludes me. My mind can create a basic picture, but I still can’t feel its core.

I bring this up because today’s full moon chart highlights this very situation. The full moon nearly conjuncts Lilith. This means the moon is just past apogee—is furthest from the earth. We often hear of the supermoons; this one is the exact opposite.


Lilith conjunct the moon is enough to create a mystery. I have this in my natal chart, and I’m still analyzing it and working through it.

Now look at all the other participants. Pluto, Uranus, Venus, and Jupiter all hover around 15o of their respective signs creating a Square, a Yod, a Wedge, a pair of Trines, and more. The last Pluto-Uranus square of my lifetime is just more than a week away, and this full moon aligns with it.

Over the past few weeks, I cannot tell you how many times I have attempted to write a blog and didn’t. Sometimes I sit and stare at the chart while no words come. Other times, I write for hours to no avail. The Virgo moon is something I can intellectualize, but not feel. The stellium in Pisces is exactly the opposite. I can feel it strongly, but cannot easily articulate the big picture.

On top of all of that, it has had its way with me…with my emotions.

I suspect that the Virgo moon is holding in a lot of the Pisces feeling. It’s the cork on a champagne bottle. Little by little, that cork is losing its stronghold. I suspect the solar eclipse on the equinox in two weeks just might be the end of its reign.

If you are inclined toward chart reading, check out the mid-heaven in this chart. Icarus is on one side; Nessus is on the other.

Like the Pisces Sun and the Virgo Moon, I am gaining much insight into Icarus, and lagging way behind with Nessus. Icarus, as I mentioned, plays very heavily in my chart and in my life. He is here to help me work through the next item on my list. It’s not about healing the past; it is about living more authentically as the person I am.

You’ve heard me refer to Nessus as a pain point. Icarus is kind of, sort of, the opposite of that.

If you have a sore and someone pokes it, you feel pain. But if they stop, the pain (often eventually) goes away. Icarus is…forgive my analogy…an erogenous point. However, it doesn’t need to be urged into ecstasy. The slightest touch sends you to the heavens.

Icarus in Pisces is entertaining to consider. I am sure it would be even more so to observe. Emotional joy and bliss are oh so nice to behold and experience, but they can be addicting.

The lesson Icarus is here to teach us is to s l o w   d o w n…not stop…not run away; temper.

We’ve all seen the type: the ones prone to love at first sight. They meet someone; they chase; they post on Facebook that they are “in a relationship” after mere days. And then, overnight, it is all undone.

The twenty-something version of me resembled that. The rise was fast, and although the crash was fast too, the recovery period lasted a year or longer.

A twenty-something can endure a few rounds of that, but not a body that is twice that age.

How many of you are wearing yourselves out? This technological revolution we are in the middle of is pushing us harder than ever. Information flies around the globe in an instant, and we’re all trying to catch up or keep up. The pace can be exciting. Our wants can be had in an instant. But if we can’t learn to appreciate the now and what’s right in front of us, we are going to wear ourselves out.

The Aries Point (0o Aries) is a formidable degree. Right now, we have a stellium on one side and a stellium on the other. The planets in Aries have clean clear archetypes. Those in Pisces are more of a blur, with the exception of the sun. Again we have some interesting contrast.

For nearly a week, I have been calm. I took a few spins around the Wheel of Fortune and decided to get off of it. Icarus’ guidance to slow down helped. With the moon in Virgo, I do feel quite grounded, yet I am still aware of all of the emotion around me.

For those of you who celebrate events with a bit of ritual, feel the groundedness of this full moon. Tune your extra senses to the earth…all the way to its core. Enjoy a moment of reprieve, especially if they are hard to come by in your life.

In two days, the sun will cross over Chiron. In two weeks, the moon will cross over Chiron just before the solar eclipse. There is transformation within reach for many of us in at least one or two areas of our lives. Be present, for a moment; be acutely aware of where you are; and consider where you are going.

We live in exciting times. I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon. Pace yourself.


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