Channeled Message


Below is a channeled message for a friend. It is about ease. Much of the message is for us all…or many of us anyway. It certainly resonates for me. I am therefore sharing it here. Please enjoy!

Dear, sweet, beautiful _____:

In May of 2014, you shared a picture on Facebook. On it was written something to the following: “Imagine a world where the words you speak appear on your skin…” We suggest you do that…here and now…but not in the way the author meant.

The author suggested that idea as a warning. His energy forewarned: Be careful what you say.


Be carefree what you say!

If every single care you have today will be resolved in 3 days, what words would you speak between now and then? Can you imagine a carefree feeling in advance of the arrival of those specific solutions?

We know that if everything was free, you all would hand out far more blessings than otherwise. So now imagine for a moment that all IS free. If you needn’t expend a single moment of effort for any possession or experience you desire, what then would you do? How then would you pass the time? Don’t just ponder this idea; exercise your imagination. Think in full color, sound, texture, temperature, and taste. Feel the sea mist in the breeze; hear the seagulls caw up above; taste the savory bites, and then the sweet ones.

Also imagine not having to pay the “after-price”. Drink all the coffee you desire without ever being over-buzzed. Drink all the alcohol without ever getting drunk. Eat all of the food without gaining a pound. Sleep as late as you desire. Stay awake to the wee hours. Consider not the needs of your children or dogs.

If all was free, it is easy to see how much more you would do the service you desire. You would pull cards without hesitation. You would sit a friend across a table and serve her a beverage and a snack. You would hold her hand and look deep in her eyes, and you would say: tell me how I can help you.

And then you would tune in and bring forth guidance. The freedom of that world would allow you to do…just as you are currently capable…with less measure.

Notice that we say measure rather than judgment. In fact, it is helpful to all of you to begin replacing the word and idea of judgment with the word and idea of measure. Measure is neutral…the way the Universe operates. Yes, the Universe measures…it notices how much you love what you love. It notices your preferences. It BRINGS you your preferences commiserate to how much you prefer (and allow) them.

And yet, there is no judgment from the Universe.

Now it may sound like this message is about what one thinks of another, says to another, does for another. It is not…for it is not of interest to us to discuss this.

It IS of interest for us to discuss thoughts, words, and actions one does to, for, and about oneself.

Let’s go back to imagining that all is free. If everyone can get anything they want for free, is there a need to do anything for anyone? Wouldn’t that free world allow you to do solely as you wish, solely for the benefit of yourself, solely what you desire to do in any moment? No one would ever come to you in need for they would need only to ask the Universe and it would then be freely given to them.

And that means YOU would never need to go without since you would need only ask the Universe for all that YOU want.

In that free world, what then would be the result when you measure your doings? With effort completely removed from accomplishment, what then would constitute rightdoing from so called wrongdoing? Would you ever say: I didn’t work hard enough. I didn’t get up fast enough. I could have done more. I could have done better. I wish I didn’t have to do it at all. I wish they would go to someone else for it. I wish I could overcome this inertia and just do what I want to do already.

We suspect that in this free world we are imagining, you would never utter any of those words, which means that you would never wear any of those words on your skin either.

Your art would have no price. If you wanted to do better, you would simply do again, and again, to your heart’s desire.

The punch line of the joke is this: you ALREADY live in that world. Oh how we wish you all could really see and allow the knowing of this. (Simultaneous to that, we recognize the perfection that is…right here…right now…even as the majority of you do not see that all is currently free.)

Worry not. You are perfectly situated to move forward as you please…right here…right now. Focus on ease to feel and experience ease. Spend just a little bit more time there and watch it bloom.

If ease were a houseplant, you would set it in the sun and water it regularly. You would talk to it like the living being that it is. And you would know that it will grow.

Think of ease as an olive tree in your front yard. Just because it is young and not yet bearing fruit, does not mean it won’t ever bear fruit. It doesn’t mean you have to work harder to get it to. It takes no money whatsoever. It doesn’t even require much of your attention. It will grow and it will bear fruit…as will ease.

Ease is not just leisure… We suspect that right now, ease is possibly your greatest desire. It is underneath (nearly) every other desire you might jot down in a list. We recommend doing just that. Jot down your desires and then consider how ease factors in. If ease were free and abundant, how quickly would your desire manifest? Or would it simply go away and be replaced by another?

You are an artist…by ANY measure. Use your art—be it imagined, drawn, painted, or written—to illustrate (and illuminate) what your perfectly free, perfectly beautiful, perfectly easy life would be. That is all it takes. Pretty simple, eh? Bordering on fun, yes?

As with a painting, start with the broad colors…the blue in the sky, the brown on the path, the green in the lawns. Slowly add detail strokes…the subtle textures, shadows, and highlights.

You don’t start a landscape by drawing a detailed blade of grass. So…be easy with the specific desires for ease you currently have and instead focus first on the broad strokes. Yes, you specifically desire detailed ease in your moment to moment, but that will come.

Harvest ease in every place that you find it. Consider the ease your technology provides, the ease your society provides, the ease your current lifestyle provides. There are many things you can attain in minutes: a cup of coffee, a tasty meal, warmth, entertainment, companionship. There is plenty of ease there already…and that ease can be used to attract more…with just a little focus.

Your beauty abounds. Your spark shines. Your laughter is contagious. Your smile is warm. Your eyes glisten.

You are loved immensely.

Ease is like a loyal dog, biding his time, awaiting the moment when you return home. Once you do, he will rush to the door and shower you with his love and blessings.

And so it is…


2 thoughts on “Ease”

  1. As one who never abandons her measuring stick, this post was interesting, to say the least. I have been thinking much about this message – and sharing with my friends. Thank you for posting.


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