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Just for fun, I want to share some of my thoughts about Prince’s natal chart (<– click to view the chart).

Scorpio on the Ascendant (Cusp of the First House): Anyone watching Prince perform or listening to his music could see and feel the sexuality within his expression. However, unlike some music, which is only about sex, Prince’s music has sexual overtones, but was deeply sensual and conveyed sentiments well beyond the surface.

Venus in Taurus in the Sixth House: The Sixth House is the house of service and work. Prince was clearly an artist. Taurus implies art that is sensual, tangible, and consumable. Music, generally speaking, is not tangible; you cannot hold it in your hand. But Prince’s music moved your body. Yes, lots of (dance) music gets us moving, but because of its energy. Prince’s music induced movement from the inside out through sensuality, sexuality, femininity, and mystique.

With Venus in the sixth, Prince’s feminine expression and nature were certainly a part of his professional persona.

Prince’s Mars and Venus both sit in signs of rulership. Given his Sun (and Mercury) in Gemini, he masterfully expressed both his masculine and feminine simultaneously. In some, the male and female expressions compete or clash. With Prince, they, as twins, were both present, even if one took center stage while the other sang backup.

Prince’s Logo Glyph

The symbol he used as his name clearly resembles the glyph of Venus. It does however contain the arrow of Mars and the overall appearance of Pluto.

Scorpio is a feminine sign, yet an intense and strong sign. It has two rulers: Pluto and Mars. Prince’s Pluto conjuncts his Mid-heaven—making it a double ruler. His Mars sits on the Aries point (0 degrees Aries) making it quadrupley strong.

The Tenth house is the house of career and public visibility. The cusp of his is at the very end of Leo. He was royalty on stage and even called himself Prince!

His greater purpose was not simply to entertain, but rather to move us, to transform us, to stoke the fire of our own sexuality and empowerment (all the way to regal self-worth).

The foundation of that work is shown via his moon in Pisces in the Fourth House. His music nurtured us into whatever state he wanted us to reach. As with making love, his music gently guided and stimulated us toward pleasure. It wasn’t rushed and certainly not adolescent.

Sun in the Eight House picks up Scorpio qualities, again enhancing the Scorpio Ascendant: sexual, deep, and transformative expression. His Mercury in the Seventh House picked up Libra qualities. Sex and relationship, common subjects of his lyrics, are integrally related, he shows us.

Notice how many planets sit on house or sign cusps. With sun and moon in mutable signs, Prince changed himself readily and likely with little effort. The changes he was reaching for were nothing less than soul level evolution, which he is likely recognizing now in his life review.

Given his North Node at the tail end of Libra in his Twelfth House, I suspect he came into this life to do a lot more than bless us with his music. I am sure someday, someone will (if they haven’t already) study his life and music with enough detail to really see what he came into this life to do (and do successfully, I intuitively suspect).

P.S. (added 12:30 pm CDT)

When I do client readings, I always (if possible) read both the rising sign chart and the sun sign chart together. Prince’s sun sign chart will have 0 degrees Gemini as the Ascendant (0 degrees Pisces as MC). The chart essentially flips, which emphasizes the Gemini dance between his strong Mars and strong Venus (bidirectional and gender integrated). His Pluto-moon opposition also flips houses (4/10), while staying closely aligned with the vertical angles.

Lastly, Venus in Taurus ends up in his Twelfth House by this view, and not too far above his Ascendant. Combining the two views, his Ascendant (appearance) includes beauty with a feminine aesthetic (Venus) and a sexiness (Scorpio) that appeals regardless of the observer’s preferences.

It is so fun to see one’s Astrology reflect who they are!



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