Seeing Red Light


On Jeopardy, some phrases are categorized as before and after. The title of today’s blog can be seen that way: “seeing red,” and “red light.” Within the next 24 hours, the two red planets will both station retrograde.

When Mars and Pluto aspect, it is common for one who has been a bit angry to then see red…and rage. It’s hard to hold that energy in during such aspects. This weekend, they are not aligned, but are synchronously stationing, which is just as significant.

The visualization I received today was this:

Imagine driving on a grand boulevard with six lanes traveling in the same direction. Up ahead is an intersection and a traffic light…a very long traffic light. It has been green for a while, but is now yellow. Can you make it through before it turns red?

If you’re a passenger, look around at the lanes on either side of you. Some drivers are determined to get through the intersection, even if the light has already turned red before they reach it. They are accelerating with that angry look on their faces.

Daily, many of us experience scenarios similar to the above. We see people race through yellow, orange, and red lights. A select few of us have even witnessed accidents that occur when one stretches the limits too far.

The energy right now is active and aggressive. I see it all around me: drivers pushing their big vehicles into small spaces, cutting someone off, and taking chances.

With Mars and Pluto both stationing retrograde, that means the Earth is preparing to pass them on the inside track. Saturn, which is only 7 degrees ahead of Mars, is already retrograde.

On top of that, Mercury is fixing to pass us on the inside. Mercury will station retrograde in less than 2 weeks. All of Mercury Retrograde will be in Taurus while much of Mars retrograde will be in Scorpio directly across the way.

Simultaneous to the stations mentioned above, Venus and Mercury aspect Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, & Pluto. All of the classic planets are participating in this retrograde party—one way or the other.

Red lights, as annoying as they can be, are there for our safety. We have grown to trust the availability of an intersection when our light is green. Believe you me, that is not something we want to change. If you like the intersection being clear when the light is green, you might want to respect the red too.

One interpretation for the Tarot card called Strength is respect. Having respect for a formidable force is wise. It is not about fear or caution; it is about understanding the magnitude of a force before activating it, before invoking it. I’ve been watching the SiFi channel series called The Magicians, and this respect is a topic of discussion throughout the show. It’s fun to watch!

I sense that some people feel like a window of opportunity is closing. Instinctively, they want to act while Mars is moving forward. However, I think too many are pushing the limits.

We can act while Mars is retrograde. I think the message is about discerning—allowing ourselves to feel it out. In this approach, we don’t necessarily act first. We must also stop believing that it is only the early bird that gets the worm.

More and more, I catch myself before acting in a panic. I have done that quite a bit in my life…and for the most part, have successfully accomplished tasks by riding the energy of motivation. However, I am training myself to use the leverage of alignment more. With alignment, we are better able to adjust our action…to tune our action and in a genuine way.

All weather patterns have purpose. The same goes for things like this. You don’t have to fight the current. In fact, by aligning yourself to it, you can benefit well beyond expectation.


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