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A very interesting thing happened yesterday. Allow me to share:

At some point during the morning, I was thinking about rules. I then found myself comparing man’s definition of law with nature’s definition. I then started thinking about gravity (as an example of a natural law). [I will expand on all of this a bit later.]

Instead of writing about these thoughts, I decided to watch an Abraham-Hicks video on the subject. Within YouTube, I searched for “Abraham Hicks laws.” I was completely sated by Abraham’s words, and thus moved on.

Playing around on the computer, I happened upon the statistics of my blog. I saw that someone read Love and Sin, which I wrote four years ago. As I sometimes do, I decided to go back and read that article myself. Interestingly, it spoke about gravity, rules, and law. It also had some typos.

Going with the flow, I decided to edit the article to fix the typos and improve the language. I also trimmed out a line or two. When I was done, I hit the button, which in my mind was going to update the article. I then read it again (on the blog itself instead of via the edit window).

I then questioned when I had first written it. I looked at the date and was surprised to see April 26th…and then noticed the year: 2016. Naturally, I was confused. I then realized that I had republished the article instead of updating it. The original article (from March 2012) was still there unedited. I am not sure how I did this. I wasn’t even aware of that functionality. I had been considering sharing a link to the article anyway, so I just let it stand.

I then saw a notification indicating that I had a comment. I figured the comment was on a different article. In actuality, it was a new comment on the new version of Love and Sin. Someone read the article and asked a question within the first 10 minutes! I guess it was meant to be.

I now realize there is a message in all of this.

In my opinion, man creates and enforces rules, not laws. So I will use that word for that meaning.

The universe does not operate with rules. It operates with laws. Gravity is one such law. All pieces of matter exhibit a force on all other pieces of matter. Since gravity is a function of mass and proximity, we only notice it when an object is very large and/or very close.

Gravity is. It is not a rule. It is not a commandment. There is nothing to enforce gravity. It is how this universe works. Being physical beings living within a physical universe, we have no choice regarding gravity. We cannot turn it off. We cannot break the law of gravity. However, we can work with it (within it) to do things like fly airplanes, launch rockets, and put satellites into orbit.

The Law of Attraction is essentially the same law, except it operates on more than just matter. Matter is a specific form of vibration. All matter is vibration, but not all vibration is matter. All matter is subject to gravity (as far as we know). All vibration is subject to the Law of Attraction (as far as we are being told by Abraham).

The basic message is simply this: Law overrides rule.

If you focus on rules, you are subject to those rules (by Law of Attraction). If you focus on freedom, rules begin to float away. If you think of nothing but freedom, rules cease to exit in your life experience.

If you live on the beach on Oahu, winter ceases to exist in your life experience. It still exists, it just does not affect your life experience.

In physics, we learn this: when an object exhibits a force on another object, there is an equal and opposite force felt by the first object. To experience this phenomenon, stand next to a wall in your house and push on it. The harder you push, the more you feel it pushing on you. If you stop pushing on the wall althogether, you feel no force from the wall at all.

Rules are walls. Just like the walls in your house, someone created them and put them there. Is it prudent to fight those walls? It is worth your time arguing about them; running into them; or pushing on them? Probably not.

You cannot walk through the walls in your house except via the existing doors and windows. For the most part, this is not an issue for you. In fact, you probably don’t think about your walls much at all (except what color to paint them and what to hang on them).

Rules are similar to walls. When you run into one (get caught breaking one), it hurts for a moment.

But rules are different than walls. When you run into a rule in a painful way, it is really about your vibration, not the rule. In other words, something in your vibration drew you into the rule. Acknowledge this, and then shake it off.

But understand that you hold the power. You cannot turn the Law of Attraction off, but you can change what you attract.

When you campaign against a rule (or rules themselves), you push on walls. The harder you campaign, the harder the walls push back on you. As Abraham would say: “This is law!”

In all honesty, I am working on shaking off something myself. I’ve been too focused on rules—the whole general subject of them. I then ran into one. The effect was negligible, but the after-effect was huge. In other words, I’ve been seething over the experience, which is showing me just how active in my vibration the subject is. The more my awareness grows, the more indications of my vibration come to mind.

My work now is to focus on freedom; to cherish freedom; to love freedom; to appreciate freedom; to nurture freedom; to see that freedom abounds. I sit here, surround by walls, and yet those walls do not inhibit my freedom in the slightest way. I can go anywhere I want to. I often choose not to, but it is my choice.

Rules come and they go. Some rules affect your daily life; most do not. Turn your attention toward freedom to feel free. You are free nevertheless…


2 thoughts on “Law”

  1. Thank you David!

    I needed to hear that today.

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•` Brian

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    BWC Enterprises, Inc.
    P.O. Box 190642
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  2. Well said David. Another very basic law of the universe is karma. We are born into life with it
    from previous lives, and depending upon our choices it may be added to or mitigated by dharma. There is personal, group, racial, and national karma as well. It is very complex and never rather simple, and no to be fully understood by humans. Also very useful to accept and work on in a lifetime. At Theosophy Study Group yesterday this topic was covered in an audio lecture by acclaimed author and theosophist Dr. John Algeo. The question was raised “should we interfere in other people’s karma?” (by offering help or relief of suffering).
    This question was answered for the inquirer by Madame Blavatsky in the book “Key to Theosophy.” She used your analogy regarding gravity in answering metaphorically. Overcoming the law of gravity by thrust or propulsion does not negate the law in any way.
    Likewise she points out that offering help to someone to mitigate their karma may or may not help that person out of that karmic wheel they suffer in. If the karma is meant to be endured then no help may be useful. However if a person helping becomes an agent of change in reducing another’s suffering then some compassion has been useful certainly for the sufferer, and some dharma attained for the helper. In either case she offers that no harm is done either way for the person helping, all actions in that case being dharmic. It is assumed of course that the receiver has been open to being helped, and that the giver is other not self
    interested in the act or outcome.
    A relevant teaching correspondence on your discussion of laws and thank you.


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