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Podcast: The Wheel

In today’s podcast, we take a spin on the Wheel of Fortune. I discuss the Law of Attraction and contrast. Contrast, like a wheel, is a powerful tool. It takes you places. Where is up to you.

[If you do not see a video player above, you can click this link to get to it:]

As promised in the video, I have attached images of the Wheel of Fortune and the World. Notice the four symbols displayed at the corners. They are, in fact, the same symbols on both cards: man, eagle, lion, and bull.

rwwheelfortunerwworldHere’s one thing I forgot to mention in the video:

The wheel, to this day, is one of the most useful tools to man. Wheels help move things along. They help us (and our stuff) get from one place to another.

Periodically, it is prudent to take our cars and trucks in for an alignment. This is when the mechanics make sure all of our wheels are pointed in the same direction.

How interesting that Abraham uses that same word all of the time: alignment. When you are aligned with your Higher Self, that’s when you really go places!

The Journey of the Fool is from where you are to where you want to be. Alignment is the fastest way to get there!


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