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Did you know that it is often easier to manifest something you hardly think about than something you think about all of the time? And you know why? Because frequent thought is often wobbly thought.

In my previous post—my most recent podcast called The Wheel—I discuss the Wheel of Fortune as a symbol of contrast. It occurred to me yesterday that the Wheel of Fortune can also signify wobbly thought.

So what, exactly, is this wobble I’m talking about?

I am not sure when Abraham started talking about the wobble, but I only recently started hearing of it myself. We all know what a wobble is. Think of a spinning top as it begins to slow. It wobbles and wobbles, then eventually falls down.

When we have a wobble in our vibration, we are traveling around the Wheel of Fortune. Some of our thoughts raise our vibration—in other words, they increase the level of belief we have about attaining our desired experience. Other thoughts that we entertain then bring us back down.

Take for example the following inner conversation. It is based on one of my own. After each sentence, I’ll indicate the direction the thought takes us.

  • I want <that>. (Could be up or down)
  • Look at it. It is so beautiful. I really like the new design. (up)
  • But it’s expensive. (down)
  • And I really don’t need to spend that kind of money right now. (down)
  • I need to solve so many money issues before I can buy that. (way down)
  • But I don’t need it. (a bit back up)
  • I love <the older version> that I currently have. (up)
  • It works great. (up)
  • In fact, I really like what I have. (up)
  • It is the best I’ve ever had. (way up)
  • I enjoy using it. (up)
  • It feels really good to use. (up)
  • And, because it is old now, I am not afraid of it getting banged up. (maybe up, maybe down)
  • Every time I see the new one, however, I get excited. (up)
  • And getting excited is a really good sign. (Way up)
  • But if I have it, will I be afraid of it getting marred? (down)
  • I don’t want to worry about it. (down)
  • And will it bother me that I spent so much money for it? (down)
  • Ah, but the Universe can make it happen in so many ways. (up)
  • In fact, the Universe inspires ideas I have never thought of before. (up)
  • Like that last time I got something I wanted. (up)

This is a classic wobble, but one that is more up than down. If I continue to wobble in this way, the ups will eventually overtake the downs and the manifestation will occur. However, if I don’t clean up the downs, I might also manifest a small issue after attaining the object of my desire. I’ve done that before.

It is difficult to think about something we want while keeping all of our thoughts positive. That’s why it is sometimes easier to manifest something we don’t think about much at all. For example, I’ve had times when I thought, “I want that,” and then spend just a minute or two thinking about it positively. I then dismissed it, forgot all about it, and then, a week or two later, it showed up!

Vibration, by definition, is a wobble. It is a back and forth (or forward and backward) motion. So, if a wobble is natural, how do we “fix” it? How do we get what we want despite it?

In my early engineering days, I worked for a man who coined the phrase: “Spiral Development”. If we turn a wobble into a spiral, we’ll reach our goal. And the way we do that is by moving toward the center of a wheel.

If you are alive on planet earth, then you are on the Wheel of Fortune. If you stay on the outside of the wheel, you go round and round. You circle your desires, but don’t move toward them.

SprialToTargetHowever, if you take a step toward the center every now and again, your circle becomes a spiral. It still goes round and round, but slowly and smoothly moves in toward your desires.

If you were literally standing on a spinning disk, and moved too quickly toward the center, you would probably get thrown off of the disk altogether. Of course, it all depends on how fast the disk is spinning.

When you really want something, and have wanted it for a long time (meaning your belief in it is not very strong), your disk tends to spin fast. It is thus better to calm yourself down and take one step at a time.

If there is something you want to be, do, or have, notice your thoughts about it. Notice your wobble. Thinking about how fun it will be when you have it can lift you up. Thinking about how “hard” it will be to get there will likely bring you down.

Every time you soothe your negative thoughts (and thus feelings) on a subject, you take a step in toward the center of the wheel. And that is all it takes to guide that circle into a spiral. You’ll get there…sooner or later.

The difference between a sad story and a happy story is all in where you end it. If you feel frustrated about a particular issue in your life, just keep reminding yourself that the story is not over. You life continues, and you can and will get there eventually. And when you do, you’ll feel joy. But you don’t have to wait to get there to feel joy…


1 thought on “Wobble”

  1. Love it! I love your suggestion of ” If you feel frustrated about a particular issue in your life, just keep reminding yourself that the story is not over.” I will definitely use that!


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