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The Law of Illumination

In my ever evolving opinion, the Law of Attraction is not so much a law of attraction, rather a law of illumination, translation, and interpretation.

If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound? Abraham says, “No.” That is because sound is an interpretation of vibration. If there is no ear to translate the vibration, then there is no sound.

In physics, we know that blue objects and red objects appear blue and red respectively because they reflect only the frequency of blue or red. All of the other colors get absorbed.WhiteLight

If you were to shine a light that does not contain the frequency of red, then red objects would appear black (the absence of color).

So, in order to see a red object, you have to illuminate it with light that contains the frequency of red. The object does not emit red light; it reflects it.

Let’s now apply this concept to life.

We are vibrational beings first and foremost. We don’t emit visible light, but we do emit vibration that can be felt and interpreted by others. Think of a time when you walked into a room after an argument had just ended. You felt the tension lingering in the room. You saw it on the faces of those present. You knew something had been going on before you entered.

Let’s say that, at present, you are struggling with money…so much so, you see nothing but cost. Everything, in your eyes, costs money…too much money. And the only things that bring money don’t bring enough money or are not available to you. You even fear that your sources of money are drying up…or will given enough time.

If this is you, then you are emitting a vibration that is lacking the frequency of wealth. Like a light that is lacking red, you cannot see the wavelength that is missing. You cannot see opportunities for money. You cannot see where money can come in, only where and how it goes out.

Of course, this is not a black and white situation (pun intended). There are degrees to every vibration you contain. Like white light, you are a mix of colors. You can see some money, but not enough money.

A person who resonates with success, for example, sees opportunity everywhere. They are confident. HappyLightThey take avenues that others perceive as risky, but to them, the risks are small. They are not afraid to invest. They are not afraid to spend or loose a little money in one place, because they see lots of opportunities and know that a few good ones can keep them rolling in the dough.

Consider another example. Suppose you are unhappy—maybe even deeply unhappy. Your light is lacking the frequency of happiness. When you look at happy people, all that is reflected back to you is black. In other words, happiness out there doesn’t spark happiness within you! It merely reminds you how unhappy you are. It illuminates your lack of happiness.

Have you ever looked upon something you’ve wanted for years and felt only pain at seeing others have it? Has it ever felt like a punch in the gut?

The words “Law of Attraction” can cause us to think in such a way as to create more problems than it solves. Better stated, it can reflect our lack back to us. In other words, we can see ourselves as unlucky, unworthy, or not good enough. We see how others attract all sorts of things that only evade us. The more we chase after what we want, the more it seems to run away from us.

But now translate Law of Attraction to Law of Illumination.

The Law of Illumination says this:

What you see is colored by your own light. You can only see what you resonate with.

It is not who you are, nor your actions that matter. It is the light you shine—the vibration that you emit—that illuminates what you see.

If you resonate with insecurity, you feel unsafe. By emitting that vibration (and thus worrying), you see unsafe things all around you. WorryLightTechnology, machines, situations, chemicals—all become things to fear—things that can harm you. You are not attracting harm; you are resonating with it. You are shining your light on these things, and are thus noticing them more than anything else.

And light works in both directions. If you emit insecurity, others see it radiating off of you. Those who resonate with insecurity as opportunity will therefore see you more clearly than others.

In nature, predators instinctively know that their odds increase when hunting the weak. They thus choose the weak first. It is only natural.

Trying to change a “point of attraction” feels arduous. It feels like you have to change who you are. Compare, for example, literal beauty. Think about what it takes to transform an average person into a beautiful person. Many of us look in the mirror and notice the things we don’t like. Oh how we wish we could easily change those characteristics to become more attractive.

But now change the Law of Attraction to the Law of Resonance or the Law of Interpretation. In other words, you don’t have to change who you are, you need only change your perspective. To see opportunities, resonate opportunity.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

One day, a friend tells you about a particular type of car that they like. They point it out to you as it drives by. Then, every day for the next week, you see that same model everywhere. You wonder if it suddenly became popular in a way it wasn’t the week before.

Your friend influenced your vibration. They pointed out something that was always there, and then, for a while, you can’t not notice it.

Opportunities work that way. Intuition works that way. Hell, telepathy works that way. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you keep watch for beauty, you see beauty everywhere. If you keep an ear out for opportunity, you find opportunities everywhere. If you resonate with happiness, you see its reflection everywhere.

You do not need to become someone different to see and receive what you desire. You don’t need to attract it and pull it toward you. You need only train yourself to see more of what you like and less of what you don’t like. Focus is the key. How you look at things changes how they appear to you!

When you read a book, your eyes are focused on the text. Your peripheral vision takes in all sorts of imagery, but you are not focused on it. You are scanning the words sequentially and interpreting them into language…thoughts and ideas…a story.

That is all that life is. It is a story…YOUR story. You don’t need to write it as much as read it. Focus your eyes on what works, on what pleases you, on what happens that feels good. If you see things that don’t look so good, turn your eyes away from them and toward something else.

On a Monday morning, when you tell your friends about your weekend, do you highlight the good times or the challenges? Do you tell a happy story, or a dramatic one?

No matter the actual events that took place, if you convey only the challenges, everyone will think that your weekend was bad. If you speak only of the joys, everyone will think the whole weekend was fun.

Telling the story (of your past) illuminates what’s before you. The more you say, “It was horrible,” the more horrible it becomes…in your own mind.

When you remind yourself of the joys no matter how small, you begin to re-mind (re-tune your mind) to see more of that. The more you speak of happy times, the more you hear of happy times.


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