Alignment, Thoughts and Opinions

Shifting One’s Perspective

Over the past few days, a message has been coming through loud and clear.

“There is great benefit to shifting one’s perspective.”

Sometimes that’s not very easy to do, but it can be with a little practice.

Before I go on, I will say that written words are not the best for conveying vibration. Specific words have different meanings to different people, and intonation says a lot. The following is not exact science anyway, so play with it some and see how it works for you.

Abraham long ago told us about walking the emotional scale. This discussion is akin to that. Let’s say that you find yourself thinking, “I really hate <this, that, or the other thing>.” We’ve all been there. Maybe we hate with anger, maybe with hurt. When we feel it strongly, we can get stuck there. Following the emotional scale is one way to move through this. Shifting one’s perspective is another.

The following is a formula for shifting perspective.

1. When you find yourself saying: “I hate xyz…”

a) follow up with: “therefore, I need or really want <whatever you can think of that is the opposite of xyz>…

b) then add: “or something similar.”

If you want, rant on step a, but end with step b.

Here’s an example: “I hate working so hard…therefore, I need a better job, an easier job, to work less hours…or something similar.”

2. Shift need to want.

Example: “I need a new place to live.” ——> “I want a new place to live.”

3. Shift want to like.

Example: “I want a raise.” ——> “I like raises.”

4. Shift like to love.

Example: “I like buying something when it’s on sale.” ——> “I love saving money.”

In each of the examples above, can you feel the difference? It is subtle, but noticeable.

It is hard (impossible?) to jump from hate to appreciation. If you hate your job, I mean really…hate…your job, it is going to be very difficult to find appreciation for any work. You will walk into a job interview expecting (or fearing) more of the same. You might even think that there are no jobs out there for you.

However, you can train yourself to shift your hate of one thing to your want of an opposite experience. Then, by saying, “or something similar,” you start to open yourself up to possibilities you haven’t yet thought of.

When you shift wants to likes, you place a bit of space between you and it. This takes some of pressure off. Detachment is very helpful in manifestation. Wanting a raise, to use the example above, is very personal. Liking raises, however, is a general sentiment.

Finally, once you start identifying (and focusing on) what you like, it is pretty easy to get in touch with feelings of love and appreciation. And once you’re in that good feeling place, you are there…you are ready to receive what you want, or will at least start flowing toward it.

Any time you find yourself regressing, just ease your way back…step by step.


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