Books, Events, Manifestation

Together at last!

There’s nothing quite like a see-it, smell-it, touch-it manifestation.

I am happy to announce that I am imminently releasing the print edition of Scribe to the Pantheon of Rome! In fact, I have received a physical proof in the mail just yesterday:


Furthermore, I am publishing a new edition of Journey to the Temple of Ra. This new version contains:

  • a new Prologue,
  • corrected typos,
  • improved interior appearance, and
  • improved fonts for better readability.

As of today, I am accepting pre-orders for either of the above. To express your non-binding interest in a copy of one, the other, or both, contact me by any means: email, Facebook message, text, voice message, etc. See my Contact page for more details.

Both of the above will be available from a number of retailers (and in a number of countries) for your convenience.

Lastly, I have 8 copies remaining of the first edition of Journey to the Temple of Ra. I am selling these at the discounted price of $10 + tax (if in Texas) + shipping (if applicable). If you wish to purchase one of these (while supplies last), contact me for immediately shipment.

Stay tuned for more details…


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