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The Devil is in the Details

This morning, a good friend contacted me via a text and asked if I would pull a card for her. I pulled The World. I wrote a quick snippet about it, but didn’t feel complete at all. I then heard in my head, “The Devil is in the Details.” Well, that’s interesting—I thought. The Devil…why would I think about The Devil. There is nothing similar between The Devil and The World.

My friend went on, filled in the details, and then I better understood the situation. I was inspired to pull another card and got The Fool.

If you look back at my previous post called —ing…, you’ll see that I included this image:


It took a minute, but I was able to hear a more complete message that then felt oh so good. This message applies to me too and in so many subjects.

The Devil is in the Details, but it doesn’t need to be. The details are what makes physical existence so delicious. To start with an idea and then add detail after detail is what creation is all about.

But we can and do, at times, add in details that we don’t love.

Maybe our relationship, in general, is really good. Maybe the big picture of the project we’re working on feels right. But then, some set of specific details about our relationship or about our project (or job, money situation, etc.) doesn’t feel good.

The World tells us that there always exists a view that is beautiful. When you step back from the details enough, you will see it. The Fool is the stepping back. The Fool is all about exercising your freedom, going with the flow, and following the subtle nudges.

If you experience the devil in the details, step back from them in your mind. Don’t focus on any details that don’t feel good. Step back, and step back again. Soon you will find the perspective that feels good. Is this (person, job, project, life, apartment, etc.) good…in general? Do I mostly like or love it? Does it still feel good…from where I stand here and now?

If you can only feel good about it by viewing it from space, that is just fine. Space will slow the pace. It will give you time to align with some more solution. And then you can get closer again…more detailed…and stay in that good feeling place.

And if you find that you do want a change in the big picture, then stay focused on how good that feels and allow the delectable details to fill in from that good feeling place. Trust me, they will!


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