Two Grand Trines

Peruse the chart above. It is a snapshot of a few minutes ago (in Austin). Depending on your focus, you’ll see one geometric shape and then another.

Focus on the blue. Do you see it? Yes, we have two Grand Trines! The Water Trine is releasing, now that the sun has passed the center of Cancer. And with Venus’ ingress into Virgo, the Earth Trine is now on and getting stronger.

The Grand Water Trine, as I’ve mentioned before, is on again off again this year thanks to the outer planet trine between Jupiter (in Scorpio) and Neptune (in Pisces). The Grand Earth Trine will be on again off again too, through September.

The Water Trine hits my Progress Mars right on the money. Maybe that’s why I feel it more than the other.

Now, focus on the red. Notice that all of the squares are sort of boxing in the Trines? And straight through the middle of the chart is that pending Pluto opposition, which occurs right along the Pluto-Earth nodes.

The significance of the this summer’s Astrology is growing on me…likely because it is itself growing. 2012 felt big because of all the focus the Mayan Calendar inspired. I have to say, this feels stronger…more powerful…more dynamic.

In 2012, the Pluto Uranus Square was center stage and anchored the planet within a vibration of tension. I now think of it like this: the longer you hold your breath, the stronger your next inhale will be. And then you’ll be breathing heavy for a while. Well, 2012 was a holding of breath…all year long.

It has been 5-1/2 years since 2012 ended (rather anti-climatically, I might add) and yet I do see that the world is vastly different than it was…even if what I’m seeing is more vibrational than manifested.

This year is shoring up to be a birth of some kind…or maybe many small births one after the other. That’s what’s coming to me today. I, for one, am ready…or readying. Even if nothing physical changes in my life, I am ready for it to all to feel different.

How ’bout you?


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