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Moving through Beautiful Sky Geometry

In my last post, I showed how the Moon created some interesting Astrology by aspecting a multitude of other planets and points. Afterward, I noticed some other alignments on their way. The amazing part of this is how the Moon is perfectly timed as if in tune with the others.

For example, Monday, the First Quarter Moon, was perfectly timed with the Sun’s square with Neptune and opposition with Jupiter to form a fairly tight Grand Cross. Within the Mystical Rectangle, the Moon’s opposition with Neptune was exact, but the opposition between Mars and Saturn was and is still applying and doesn’t peak until tomorrow (June 14).

This morning (2012/06/13) the Scorpio Moon connected with everything it didn’t connect with on Monday, namely Chiron, Uranus, and Venus.

What makes this Yod Kite special (to me) is how the Moon was perfectly timed with Venus, both moving quickly into and out of this alignment.

The last I’ll mention is one of my favorite configurations.

Tomorrow, perfectly timed with the Mars-Saturn opposition, the Moon will form a very tight (near exact) Grand Water Trine and Kite. The Kite is my favorite because the opposition, which forms the backbone, adds tension, giving the harmonious Grand Trine more purpose, creativity, and ultimately satisfaction.

In Monday’s and Friday’s charts, we have strong flowing, harmonious alignments coinciding with tense, resistant or dissonant ones. This does result in much more interesting vibrations. Problems may build to a poignant peak, which then crosses over a threshold allowing elegant solutions to wash in.

Today’s chart more or less averages to a much less intense version of the others. The two quincunx (or inconjunct) 150 degree aspects, which form the Yod, are inherently a mix of tension and harmony in and of themselves.

Roll with the punches. Breath through the challenges. Know that the positive and productive flow is merely waiting for you to catch your breath, center yourself, and settle into a bit of calm, before guiding you to where you wanted to go anyway.

The more I look at all of this, the more I like it, and the more encouraging it is regarding my own experiences.


1 thought on “Moving through Beautiful Sky Geometry”

  1. I loved this article! This is aspecting so many Of my significant points within the geometry of my Natal chart and how you described it and solution provided was so very accurate, now looking back and identifying the transits of the timeframe and being able to put the configuration together for understanding how the transits to Natal manifests! Your article gave me the ability to put the pieces together to recognize the geometry at play with the timing of my life’s experiences.
    I LOVE the content of your articles and the way you help the process of the learning astrologer to put all the pieces together to form the whole. Your work is a gift to Me – Thank You


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