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Oh What a Night!

Last night around midnight CDT, the First Quarter Moon passed through a very significant part of the Zodiac, simultaneously aspecting EIGHT planets and points forming a Grand Mutable Cross (the red square) and a Mystical Rectangle of Water and Earth (the blue rectangle). The only planet in a fixed sign is Uranus!

Have a look:

Mars and Mercury making near simultaneous oppositions to Saturn then Pluto this week is giving us hints as to what to expect next January. On 2020/01/12, Saturn and Pluto will meet and will be joined by Mercury and the sun! That is a four-way conjunction!

Every human life starts with birth, a rather intense and formidable experience for both mother and child. I have a feeling that Saturn meeting Pluto is going to be something similar. The pressure builds, squeezing us through a narrow channel, before popping us out into a new phase of living.

The “narrow channel” is partly due to the nodes of the moon, which are more actively involved now then they will be then. The nodes, in my opinion, form an Orienting Force or direction in our lives. Read this article if you are curious:

Although I don’t write about Astrology transits that much any more, I do write articles in response to them. Before writing about this alignment today, I chose to first write Shine yesterday.

Another analogy I can share is what I personally experienced Sunday evening.

Yesterday was the first day forecast to reach triple digits. I am not sure it ever got that hot here in Austin. It was a perfect day for lounging in the pool with people I love.

Late in the afternoon, an unusual “cold” front blew in. The winds were so strong, it damaged trees and toppled fences. Then the rain came. For a while, it felt just like a hurricane, which I’ve experience here. The rain beat so heavily on my windows, I couldn’t see pass them.

The storm moved rather quickly. Yes, it dropped more than an inch of rain in a short time, which flooded the property. But then, as the rain stopped, I saw light as if at the end of a tunnel.

The storm came in from the north, which is the direction I face. The sunset is nearly as far north as possible now. So as the storm retreated to the south, the sunset grew visible at the edges and underneath.

I ran out to the roof to take in the scene. What I saw was unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. The colors were surreal. It was mostly dark, but the horizon was lit. And since there was still rain close by, a rainbow was forming in the darkness!

In one direction, the sunset back lit downtown. In the other direction, it was completely dark until an intermittent array of lightning would snake cross the entire sky, lighting everything up for a moment. These photos are mere approximations of what my eyes beheld!

This morning, the temperature resembles a different place or season. Life looks somewhat the same as it did, albeit a little rough around the edges. However, it feels very different. I feel different. The whole of yesterday changed me some and I look forward to seeing that play itself out.

Even though this Saturn-Pluto conjunction is transiting my chart formidably, I welcome it. Well, I would prefer it be done with me, but I am harmonizing with it nevertheless. I am not going to fight the changes it asks of me and I look forward to that sweet, fresh air, which will flow in behind it.

I always welcome questions, especially those I can answer within a blog post, so if there is something on your mind, send me a message.



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