Poetic Wisdom


One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, and thus the world, is to separate who you are from what is happening around you.

You can be the calm in the middle of chaos.

You can be the full moon in the middle of the dark sky.

You can be the daffodil pushing up through the early spring snow.

You are light. You are love. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You have joy to shine and love to flow.

The moon moves through phases. Sometimes her light does not hit the Earth at all.

It is not your job to change the world; to save the world; to heal the world. It is your job to shine; to be who you are—who you really are.

When the moon is new, she travels across the sky in the daytime right next to the sun. She is completely hidden from view; her light is not seen, nor is it needed. When the moon is full, she rises at sunset and sets at sunrise. That is when she is biggest and brightest. She shines her light throughout the darkness of nighttime. You are this beautiful light. The darkness around you merely accentuates this.

When you find yourself coping, persevering, or pushing through a tough time, pause and relax. Take a moment to separate who you are from what is happening to you, around you, or within your body. The contrast may be commanding your attention; it may be calling for some response or a course of action. As demanding as it may be, it is still something outside of you. Even the condition of your body is outside of you…the real you. When you sleep at night, you are free of it, even if only temporarily. You will go on when it is laid to rest. You are eternal.

It is too easy to blame  yourself when something is troubling you, causing pain, or igniting fear. It is easy to feel forsaken or undeserving. It is all too easy to feel as if you did something wrong.

Take a moment to separate this chaos and contrast from who you really are. The full moon is not the darkness that surrounds her. She doesn’t need to do anything save be herself to cast her glow into that darkness.

You are loved, always. These conditions, thoughts, struggles, and pains are temporary. They are not here to thwart you. They may call from you a keener focus, so give them that. Continually turn toward what is beautiful and right in your life.

You have the power to move mountains, whether you find yourself doing that or not. Clearly you cannot push or drag or carry the mountain. You move the mountain by asking for it to move, then letting the Universe move it for you. And so it is.





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