Aries New Moon 2020

I’ve been in the mood to write about Astrology. The upcoming Aries New Moon occurs overnight US time, so I chose to focus on that chart. It is a fascinating chart indeed! This chart can represent the month ahead, the season ahead, and the whole year ahead.

The moon and the sun meet at 4o Aries. They are nearly exactly square to the Nodes of the Moon, which sit at 4o Cancer/Capricorn. We are exactly halfway between the Eclipses and about halfway between the solstices.

Notice how all points shown on this chart are confined to half the Zodiac and held in between the nodes. Before we can freely roam the whole sky, we have to resolve what these Nodes of Fate are showing us.

And let’s start with the nodes, which always oppose. They form a straight line. You can think of this line as time. You sit in the middle. What is behind you is the sum total of your past. What is in front of you is your future. You can only exist here and now, but here and now, you can remember the past and imagine the future.

The South Node is in Capricorn, the sign of business and government. The sign of father and boss. The sign of construction and banking and corporations and systems. The sign of responsibility and possibly the most serious sign in the Zodiac.

The North Node is in Cancer, the sign of house and home. The sign of mother and early childhood. The sign of nurturing and protection. Cancer is the most emotional sign in the Zodiac.

Here and now, we are being asked to shelter in place. Rather than be in the office (Capricorn), we are working from home (Cancer). This is for our protection (Cancer) and to nurture (Cancer) the health of everyone (Aquarius).

Over the weekend, Saturn (father, boss, limitation and responsibility) entered the sign of Aquarius (the well being of humanity). The sun/moon in Aries (sign of the individual) is being asked to participate in taking on their share of the responsibility of everyone (Saturn in Aquarius).

Both the sun and the moon will next conjunct Chiron (the wounded healer) and then Lilith (the dark moon, dark mother, or shadow).

The pronounced square represents the conflict at hand. The three corners, each in tension with the others, represent:

  • the individual;
  • major systems: government, business, and health;
  • home life.

Most of us like being at home. However, by now, some of us are feeling imprisoned at home…and feeling restless. Cancer, the crab, retreats into a shell of protection when feeling threatened. Capricorn will rally the troops to build walls to do the same thing. (Opposite signs do have a lot in common.) But Aries does not like either of those. It will bust through a shell like a chick ready to leave an egg and will bust through walls built by anyone (including his or herself).

So right now, we want to be free. We want to move freely. We want to get back to living our lives.

In order to do that, we have to heal the wounded/the infirm (Chiron) and face the shadow and our fears (Lilith).

The Cancer side of the square contains only the North Node. We will have some more time at home. But the nodes are moving backward (as usual) and thus will pop into Gemini/Sagittarius soon (May 4th). These two signs are ALL about FREEDOM! We WILL get there!

A lot of what is happening now was set in motion when Saturn met with Pluto on January 12th. With Mars having just crossed over Pluto and Jupiter about to, we are at the peak! Pluto has been transforming our systems since 2008 when he entered Capricorn. Mars meets up with him just about every 2 years to carry out his orders. Pluto is like the General and Mars is his top soldier.

Jupiter only meets up with Pluto once ever 20 years. And Jupiter is a multiplier. Everything he touches expands rapidly. So Mars is not a soldier, but an army and Pluto’s influence is not a wave, but a tsunami.

Mars will move on quickly, but Jupiter won’t ingress Aquarius until December. And that being said, there is something VERY interesting to note:

Next week, Mars will conjunct Saturn at 0o Aquarius. Over the course of the year, Saturn will move to about 2o then station retrograde. It will reenter Capricorn on July 1st and go as far back as 25o Capricorn and station direct. Saturn will then enter Aquarius again on December 16th . But here’s the best part: Jupiter will enter Aquarius on December 19th, and join Saturn at 0o Aquarius on December 21st, the solstice.

So Mars and Jupiter, who met last week, both meet with Saturn in the same degree but nine months apart (a gestational period). THAT is intriguing for sure. Maybe 2020 is the true ingress into the Age of Aquarius.

Pluto won’t move into Aquarius the first time until March 2023, but it will retrograde back into Capricorn that year. So its legitimate ingress into Aquarius will be January 2024.

In a sense, this year is kicking off the peak of his transformation, where the changes become blindingly obvious. It will take the next four years to finish out the transformation.

If you subscribe to the idea that the Equinox is the beginning of the year (and the new moon in Aries another version of that) then this chart holds lots of optimism as well. If you look at the points in the early degrees, you will see that we have half of a Grand Sextile, which is also called Angel Wings! Moving around the Zodiac, we have:

  • North Node at 3o Cancer
  • Uranus at 5o Taurus
  • Mercury at 6o Pisces
  • and the South Node at 3o Capricorn

They are further supported by:

  • Sun/moon at 4o and Chiron at 5o Aries
  • and Saturn at 0o Aquarius

Mercury and Uranus have a similar vibration. Mercury is clever and Uranus is inventive. Through our thoughts (Mercury) we can calm our emotions (Pisces) and then Uranus can get to work creating physical (Taurus) solutions to the problems we are facing.

Furthermore, all Gender issues have been laid aside. Venus and Mars are trine…and are working together.

Now, I am not usually one to look at Astrology in a predictive way, but I am inclined to look at the new moon charts going forward.

At the Taurus New Moon, we are still knee deep. The sun and moon are square to Pluto and Jupiter, so still lots of tension and contrast facing us. The North Node is at 0o Cancer, so many might still be sheltering at home.

However, the sun and moon are about to join Uranus (for some inventive solution)! And they are trine the South Node and Sextile the North Node, so the path through the challenges are visible! Venus, Mars, and Mercury are all working together as well. I think individually, most of us will have acclimated to this temporary version of normal; it’s the more systemic solutions (government and corporations) that are still being hammered out.

Now by the Gemini New Moon, things look VERY different. The Nodes have transitioned signs, so a greater freedom will be available. And the sun and moon are both trine to Pluto and Jupiter so we are able to harmonize with the changes brought on upon us. Many planets are retrograde including Venus, who goes retrograde the least often. I think by late May, we will all be feeling more optimistic about the future. We’ll be looking back and evaluating all that has happened this year. We’ll be learning from all of it. Even if it is not yet fully done, it will be waning and we’ll be seeing the approach of positivity more broadly.

To close, I do want to remind all of you that you don’t have to wait for the planets. You can reach optimism whenever you choose, no matter what is playing out on the global stage. These kinds of chart readings are general. Some will feel them stronger than others, but each can choose their own perspective.

For example, I feel optimistic now! I am putting my years of practice and applying the focus I have been recommended by spirit all of these years. I am using this time to let go of lots of things I had been struggling with.

I am focusing less on anything futuristic and more on each day as it comes.


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