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A Saturn Transit

On January 12, 2020, Saturn made an exact conjunction with Pluto. If one of them were transiting your Natal chart at that time, they both were. When this happens, it can be difficult to separate the Saturn transit from the Pluto Transit.

On March 21st, Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius. This sign change now gives Saturn and Pluto a bit of distance.

Yesterday, in a client reading, I found myself describing a Saturn Transit in terms I hadn’t ever used before.

Transiting Saturn is here to ask you if you think you are taking an appropriate amount of responsibility regarding the area(s) of your life it highlights. He is not here to tell you what he thinks, rather he is interested in what you think.

An “inappropriate” level of responsibility could mean that you are not taking enough, but it could also mean you are taking too much.

Another way of thinking about it is attention. Are you giving something too much attention (fussing over it needlessly or micromanaging tasks that are not yours) or are you not applying enough attention?

I like the word attention rather than responsibility. Responsibility feels stuffy and limiting. Attention more closely resembles focus, which is a powerful tool.

The right answer to Saturn is different for every one at any time regarding any subject. The Saturn Transit gets the conversation started, so to speak.

Many think of Saturn as a teacher. Until you learn your lesson, you have to repeat his course of studies. They also think of Saturn as limitation and restriction.

I am not going to push against these concepts, but I like the approach that came through yesterday: Saturn asking you what you think about you and your life. Doesn’t that feel so much better?!?


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