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A Deeply Metaphysical View of Change

One could say that I am starting a new series.

Remember always that my strongest intention is to inspire thoughts that help you attain whatever you desire. I want you to think about what I share, not simply believe it.

I am not a judge or jury. I am not here to promote one value system over another. However, I might challenge one belief system over another, because, in my experience, all belief systems are limited (by definition). They all serve us at the right time, but when we are asking for something more, we might have to let one go and move on to whatever is next for us.

Sometimes, it is not about dumping the whole system, but just a specific belief within the system. However, sometimes the whole system needs to be replaced.

For this first article, I am going to stay way up high. I am not going to dive into any new beliefs or systems. I will stick with one I have been writing about for years now.

So, let’s start with the idea that we create our own reality. This is multi-faceted, multi-layered, and multi-dimensional. I create my reality. You create your reality. And yet, we live in a realm where we have intermittent access to each other and thus each other’s reality.

Decades ago, most of us would agree that we live in a consensus reality. We live on a spherical rock, which spins and orbits a star. A smaller rock orbits us. We can see our neighbors be they other planets or stars.

In this reality, we know about gravity, even if we don’t understand it. We know about electricity and all sorts of science. We know about people, plants, and animals.

These days, the most basic beliefs are being questioned. We even have a flat-earth movement going on!

Furthermore, thanks to COVID-19 and QAnon and perhaps Donald Trump and MAGA, our consensus reality is splitting into two factions, which are slinging insults at each other with greater ferocity. Some sit on one side of one “conspiracy theory” but on the other side of another. For example, some are deeply questioning the main stream narrative about CV19, but still think DJT is a criminal.

For now, I am not challenging any of these or even stating where I sit among them, though I suspect you have your suspicions.

What I do want to discuss is the creating of reality.

Any one of us at any time can completely overhaul our own reality. I have done it a number of times. I once was a gainfully employed Software Architect who only dabbled in Metaphysics. Now I am a professional intuitive (albeit, one who makes very little income off of it).

I have seen others go through these sorts of life changes: e.g. from perpetual single-hood to happily partnered, from repeatedly struggling with money to swimming in abundance, etc.

What is happening now is very different. What is happening now is a collective overhaul.

In my opinion, enough people have, not only been asking for life to be so much better, but have also been aligning with it. This collective raising of vibration among many individuals has created a global shift (in reality itself) like we have never seen before.

And yet, each of us is still creating our own reality within the context of this shift. Some of us are fighting it tooth and nail. Some of us are pushing and pushing toward one end. So, so many of us still believe we need to change other’s beliefs to get what we want, whether it be this perceived change or the other.

It appears that our value systems are clashing big time, but I don’t see it that way at all!

Read that again. It appears that our value systems are clashing, but I don’t see it that way!

I believe in my heart and in my gut that just about all of us reading this have the same core values. We merely see very different avenues to get there. In truth, each of us has his or her own avenue, but collectively, it seems as if there are only a few binary choices to choose from.

Many years ago, spirit told me quite clearly that there is never only two choices. In fact, seeing only two choices is itself profound information telling us we are not seeing much at all. When only two choices are seen, we are beseeched to rise up. As soon as there are three, there are many, and that’s when we are allowing more of our power to flow.

I have been researching current events like never before. I have so much time to do so. I have been following the work of others, but these individuals do not at all agree with each other in some ways even if overlapping in other ways.

As I mentioned before, I am looking far right and far left, pure science and deep metaphysics. I am not attached to any of my belief systems even if I am resisting some new ones quite adamantly.

I hate to be wrong. I abhor looking stupid. Call it ego or pride and I won’t deny it. I love being a teacher and am a horrible student. So I have chosen to study on my own. It’s a double edged sword for sure. The point in stating these is thus: by the time I share something with others, I have given it a lot of thought. And even so, I’ll still tell you to consider it with open-minded skepticism. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone else’s beliefs.

OK, so, we are collectively overhauling our reality. Some think this is happening to us, but again, I assert that we are creating our reality and thus we are, consciously or unconsciously, guiding this overhaul.

My opinion is this: some specific others (many of us actually) are actively and consciously creating our own realities, which are aggregating together to create a greater reality. The two general factions I described above are doing this. I will throw this teaser in there: there are actually THREE major factions doing this right now; the two I mentioned, and a third one that you may or may not be aware of, which has been around a long, long time.

So, if there are three major factions consciously creating realities, where do the others sit? Well, they are perhaps bouncing around between them while they are still overlapping, or orbiting one without knowing it. The three realities are perpetually taking shape and form. Like newly forming planets, each is amassing its own gravity. Those who are not aiming for one will likely get pulled in by whichever is greater and/or nearer.

One or two of the three is shrinking. More and more are choosing the last one. As the last one grows in size, so does its gravity. You can still choose and if you are steadfast, we’ll see what happens. Actually, we might not see. Some truly believe that these realities will split and the three factions will go on unable to see the other two. [Or, there will be a two-way split: two going one way together, and the other going its own way.]

All of this might sound like nonsense. I get it. And it may be metaphoric at best. But if you have gotten this far, and are not exactly seeing any of this, I’ll share a suggestion.

Step back from any of the details of what is happening. Step back from the specific bones of contention. Really step back. Don’t look for or at factions. Don’t look for or at groups. Just look at people you know and/or those around you. Look as objectively as you can at the world around you.

You won’t ever be able to see fully objectively because you are looking with your own eyes and interpreting with your own mind. But you can approximate objectivity.

So, once you think you have reached a far enough place, think about what you are seeing. Don’t try and figure it out, just look at it all. Ask questions (of spirit) then listen to see if answers come. They will come, but it might take a bit of time.

Life is most definitely changing. I suspect that most of us will not get out of seeing the unfolding shift, even if we don’t really know the half of it. We are already seeing the change. Is reality not entirely different than it was a year ago?

So many predicted vast changes for the end of 2012. We, in theory, did not see them. But you know what, I see them! I totally see how much reality changed. Just like 9/11, there is what was before and what is after, and they are not at all similar. It was just much more subtle in 2012 than anyone expected. In 2020, it is absolutely in our faces.

If you pay attention, you can see who is more actively participating in creating their own reality, which is contributing to the aggregated faction of which they are a part.

Those of you who are knee deep in your own lives: good for you! I don’t recommend you divert from that. Stay true to your desires and your path because the Universe will line you up with whatever is a match to you. And I cheer you on!

Now others are really pushing one way or the other. I admit, I am one of them. It is not my intention to push others, but I do see that I have regardless. I too am trying to stay true to my self: my desires, my intentions, my aspirations. I’ve made mistakes, but am learning from them…

This time around, (in these bodies) none of us created the earth. It was here when we arrived. We inherited not just the physical environment, but much, much more.

But so, so many of us came just for this. We came to change it. We came to witness the change. We came to participate. And/or we came for what follows. We are not simply going to blink into a new reality (unless we choose to die). If we choose to live through the transition, we’re going to see that it does take time. It actually started quite a while ago; we’re just getting to the good stuff (although you may choose a different adjective than I did).

From another perspective, we might just blink into a new reality, but like all manifestations, it will come with a whole back story (of memories), so it will still seem to have taken time.

This crazy enough for you?


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