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Not much Left to Lose

[My initial intention was to only post this on social media, but after I wrote it, I decided to post it here first.]

If you’re reading this, you have probably noticed that my posts have drifted, bumping up against controversial subjects. As a result, I have either been directly or indirectly accused of being:

  • a sociopath (meaning having no empathy)
  • an individualist (who cares only of oneself)
  • egotistical (and assuming I am smarter than public figures)
  • a conspiracy theorist
  • gullible
  • delusional
  • focused on insignificant things
  • consuming and spreading ‘soul poison’
  • just plain wrong

I will admit that I feel a sting from all of these subtle or not so subtle attacks. Not because I care so much about what others think of me, but because it is NEVER my intention to do something wrong or inspire negative feelings within others.

I now realize I am so far out on a limb, there is not much left to lose (socially and professionally speaking).

At the same time, I am letting go of the fear of sharing my thoughts. Despite blogging for years, I have always striven to remain as neutral as possible. Then, recently, my guides said to me quite clearly:

“Neutrality need not be your goal. Rather focus on being centered. There is a difference.”

They went on to assure me that it is impossible for anyone to be neutral.

If you are bothered by anything I share or write, you are welcome to unfollow or unfriend me, even in real life terms. Chances are, I am only going to be more and more forthcoming as time passes.

I feel that the only way for me to be of any service to others is to come out with more of what I am thinking about this crazy world situation we are living through.

If Facebook/Instagram suspends my account by way of censorship, you can always find me via my blog.

I thought about defending myself against some of those above accusations, but you know what, that is absolutely unnecessary. I know what my intentions are. I know what I bring to the table. I know my strengths and weaknesses. And I am OK with all of it.


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