Energy Healing

I’ve been wanting to share these experiences with you for a while now. I think today a fine day to do so. I’ll go in reverse chronological order.

The other day, while making tomato sauce, I burned my thumb. A large, piping hot dollop of sauce bubbled up and landed on my hand.

By the time I rinsed the sauce off, my thumb was throbbing. The skin didn’t look different, so I knew the burn was that bad, but it hurt.

I have worked on burns before for other people. So I sat in a chair, turned on my hands, and focused the healing energy onto my thumb.

Same as the others conveyed to me, the throbbing increased slightly at first, but then subsided. After about 10 minutes I was pain free. I rubbed my thumb with my other hand. The skin felt different (due to the burn), but it did not hurt even when I touched or pressed on the area.

Later, back in the kitchen, if I held my hand over the pot, the warm air made it start to hurt again, so I stirred with my good hand. My burned hand never hurt otherwise. By the next morning, it was completely back to normal with no evidence of any kind of burn.

I studied two energy healing modalities back in the mid-2000s. I have given professional healing sessions many times back then, but moved away from that because I enjoyed doing readings more than running energy.

Something recently has brought energy healing back up for me. I’ve been doing it more with family and friends. Results vary.

Frequently, people can sense the energy. Often enough, their emotions shift, which can have an effect lasting for days. And some do experience noticeable physical improvements…and sometimes instantaneously (with headaches for example).

The…single…most…amazing experience I had was in the very beginning.

Right around the time I was learning the healing modalities, I got a second cat, a young female. My older male didn’t like the ‘intruder’. He was not nice to her and I had to run defense quite a bit. One day, he went after her and created a gash in her side.

The wound was about 2-3 inches long and maybe 1/2-1 inch wide in the middle. He only sliced the outermost layer of skin. So the fur was separated, but the wound did not bleed. It still didn’t look good…and I was heartbroken about it.

I held my girl, lit up my hands, and channeled the healing vibrations. I can’t remember how long I worked on her.

Animals feel the energy immediately. Cats tend to blink their eyes, nestle in, and purr. Dogs calm down noticeably. Sometimes they look at you with deep questioning eyes.

I worked on Cali for a while, then let her be.

Some time the next day, I picked her up and inspected her. I wanted to check on her wound. But….I couldn’t find it. I looked and I looked and I looked…and I NEVER found it. It was gone.

I ran my fingers over her skin pressing with just a bit of pressure to see if there was a tender spot. I never found one.

No wound. No scar. No tenderness. Nothing.

I kept this to myself for a long long time. I have probably only told a handful of people over all of these years. The results blew me away.

Recently, Kryon, as channeled by Lee Carroll, has told us that energy healing is doubling in power right now. It will then double again, and then increase five-fold. He said in the future, it will be so effective, there will be wings in medical centers dedicated to that kind of healing.

Won’t that be nice!


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